Friday, April 23, 2010

Where The Hell Did This Card Come From?

Recently on blowout, a card came to my attention that has a lot of people questioning what is going on. This Chris Johnson national treasures auto is up on eBay, slabbed from BGS, thus begging the question of where it came from and if it is real. See, the reason there is a question about this card stems from the fact that Panini did not release any Chris Johnson national treasures cards, let alone one that has been around long enough to have it graded.

Chris Johnson's lack of available stickers did not allow for an inclusion in Contenders or National Treasures, and its rare that a card like this just pops up out of no where. Even when seeing the card, there are questions I have for sure, mainly having to do with the autograph on the card itself. Its hard to fuck up a fake autograph of one of the NFL's worst signers, but this one managed to do it. Im just wondering if someone got a blank card by accident and slapped a fake sticker on it. Because the card said autograph on the back, and the missing sticker had been replaced with a real one, Beckett's people werent smart enough to reject it (typical). I also think that the card was slabbed to begin with in order to fend off questions of authenticity, as most people arent smart enough to believe that BGS is as falliable as they are.

Bascially, someone at Panini has some explaining to do, more so if more of these cards show up.


  1. the card is real. i got my redemption back from them as well. he just didnt sign any of the true rookie cards because they are on card autos. the auto may have been erased and re-signed seeing how he always signed off the sticker like the one below

  2. Looking to move it quickly would be a red light for me.

  3. It's probably legit(ish). I had a 1/1 patch auto that looked VERY similar to that one. In fact, for a quick second I thought it WAS the same one I sold.

    The auto on mine looked nothing like the scribbles that most of his stuff has. I'm not looking to buy this one, but it is mostly likely the real deal.