Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft: Panini Finally Has A Great Idea, But Poor Execution Abounds

Panini posted these pics on their facebook page earlier today, and I must applaud them for a great way to get the rookies onto cards with the teams that just drafted them. These look to be hard signed, which will be good for their early sets, I just hate the way these cards look. I have always hated the plastic helmets, and these dont really do much for someone like me. The design and the player pics look awful as well, but Im guessing these are pretty hastily made. Great idea, poor execution as usual.

We also got a new preview of Tim Tebow's first cards in prestige, and I think that they are a complete downgrade over last year's design. Although they feature a team logo and will most likely be SPed to death, the design isnt as good looking as last year. For base cards, the 2009 Prestige rookies werent terrible looking, and I actually had some of them signed at the rookie premiere over the ones from UD draft or Bowman DP & P. This year's look awful.


  1. lol it looks like dez is constipated

  2. hahaha at what LSUsg said lolol

    but yea, idk. i kind of like these things.. there cool for the average collector. they did something similar last year with baseketball. i had blake griffin sign a ton of them at the national. atleast there on card..

  3. The design aint the best, but it's Prestige. You shouldn't be expecting them to use their best for Prestige.

    I like the helmet though. It bypasses the need for just a team name and late printing.

    I think for team collectors it adds spice. For NFL collectors products like Prestige and Elite can be tough to buy/collect because its all college stuff. This helmet changes that.

    It also avoids manufactured patches.

    I don't like it enough to collect them or anything, but I do enough to maybe get a Clausen Panther Helmet one if the price is right.

  4. You're right though. The rookies suck. Keep them in the original set design and then do the color refractors ala 2006 and 2007.

  5. So how do you suggest they do it better?

  6. Have you seen a Vikings one yet. It seems that the blue colors on the cards presented work for the three examples above, I am wondering about some teams with less blueish colors.

  7. While the design won't knock your socks off, there is nothing wrong with the design - other than for you it is done by Panini.