Friday, April 9, 2010

Two Quick Announcements

Guys, I wanted to make you aware of a few quick announcements for the next couple of days.

First, tonight at 9pm PST, be sure to check out Rob (of VOTC fame) and Doug on their live show where I will be on to discuss the recent Upper Deck scenario and what it means for the hobby. They have a great show and have other giveaways and guests scheduled. You can check out the show here, and dont hesitate to listed to the previous episodes too.

Second, coming on Monday, we are going to jump start the blog bat arounds again. This means if you have a blog, it will be a chance to post your thoughts on the topic this time around. For the last four or five, we have usually gotten some great turn outs, and I encourage you to participate if you have the means to do so. It is also a pretty great way to get publicity for your site, just check in to get instructions on what to do. Its been a long time since we have done one, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to rejuvenate the idea.

Here is the link for the first and second blog bat arounds done here on SCU.



  1. I am pretty new to the blog community and this Bat Around seems like a cool thing from what I see. Please shoot me an e-mail with an explanation of the "rules" as I think I would like to participate in the next one.

  2. Bat Around sounds like fun. :)

  3. Been a little while since I have participated in a BBA (late last year), so I am definitely down.