Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scammers Are Usually Dumb, But Its Getting Funny Now

As expected, the 2009 Ultimate Baseball jumbo patches are quickly becoming the most easily faked cards on the market. Because there is a square window with no swatch protection (like a cardboard overlay or design like this one), scammers have been able to easily remove the existing patch without a problem.

People like Aruba202, along with others, have taken it to a laughable level unseen since the release of the jumbo patches in 2005 Prime Patches. His patches are so ridiculous that I actually found my wife chuckling at how bad they were. I have posted on this subject before, but its getting too funny to ignore.

Here are some of their greatest "hits":

David Ortiz "World Series" Patch - These patches are never real, and most people have caught on. That didnt stop this douche from going to the well one more time. I LOLed.

Tom Seaver "Mets Logo" Patch - For this product, Upper Deck took great care to match the pic on the card with the patch on the card. Aruba didnt get the memo.

Mariano Rivera "New Yankee Stadium" Logo Patch - When a team has no patches on their jersey, scammers go nuts when they have the chance to exploit a new sleeve patch. This one has already been sited as having a one color patch that was covered up by this new patch by overlapping it. Here is another for sale, sold by the same seller originally.

Carl Crawford "World Series" Logo Patch - Here is another laughable WS patch. What is even funnier is that people think these are real enough to bid on them.

Chipper Jones "Anniversary" Patch - Chipper has some amazing patches in this product, but this isnt one of them. The guy also has a fake Flacco SP authentic, and a couple fake rookie premieres for sale. Im not falling for it.

Cal Ripken Jr. "Anniversary" Patch - I am saying this one is fake despite the appearance of other similar REAL patches like this in the product. The guy has sold questionable patches in the past and this is a particular patch that scammers have been faking for years.

Really, im not sure if I would even think about buying from this part of the product simply due to how many ones out there that I couldnt even confirm. Who knows if cards like this, this, this, this, this, or this are even real? Some look to be on their third or fourth sale, and others are sold by people with no questionable history. With Upper Deck baseball in the hobby's past, there will surely be no way to prevent further faking at all.

At least things are getting entertaining now.


  1. That Ankiel patch is the worst of the bunch. That's a Reds patch they put on there. Ummmmmm, Ankiel never played for the Reds. At least respect your potential rubes enough to scam them with something from the correct team.


    does that look fake?

  3. Matt - yes, that is fake. Never trust buybacks like that.