Sunday, March 14, 2010

This? This is What I Come Back To?

Thankfully, I am out of the hospital and home for the first time since thursday. It was a complete nightmare, but at least I have some time now to get some stuff done on the site while I recover.

While I was at the hospital, I got my usual daily ebay email updates, and one had this HORRID fake listed as a 1/1. I laughed so hard that I almost busted my stitches. How are people this fucking stupid?

Obviously, this is not a 1/1, but really a fake auto slapped on a normal 2007 Bowman box loader Peterson RC. In fact, the guy is SO bad at being a complete douche, that he didnt even use a non-serial numbered card. He actually just left the serial number on there and is advertising it as something completely unseen by the public...

...until now.

I am also loving that he randomly used card 968, probably the one he pulled out of his box of Chrome.

So, so, glad to be back folks. What a pleasure to see this shit sell for 400 bucks. At least the auto looks better than the normal fakes we see.


  1. He's calling it a buy back that Topps had Peterson sign, but how can a "buy back" be uncirculated? Can't even lie right.

  2. Check out that guys feedback. He's made 10s of thousands off poor fakes.

  3. Look at his feedback profile. It's amazing how many Albert Pujols 1/1's this guy has! You'd think topps would be screening ebay to find guys like this.

  4. Take a look at his other completed auctions. He's been scamming a lot of people for some high-dollar cards. The Jordan is definitely fake.

  5. how can people be so stupid to buy a 1/1 buyback from the guy when he has sold a butt load of them...i swear some people are freakin retarded