Monday, March 1, 2010

Sports Cards Uncensored Fantasy Baseball - Who Wants In?

Guys, I am creating a fantasy baseball league for the site and I am looking for people to play. We had a great football league this year and baseball should be no different. I would prefer those of you who wont quit halfway through the season, so I am taking people who really like to play. If you have a blog, or are a commenter on the site, send me an email at that you want to play. Ill take the first ten people, and will send out the invite when it is filled up. If there are a ton of people, I might be able to organize a second league.

Remember, I need YOUR email address to send out invites to the league, which means those who dont include the info will be passed over.

This is a gentleman's league meaning no prize will be exchanged, at least for now. Winner will get a nice pat on the back here on SCU, so that should be pretty nice to see your name as champ. Like football, if this goes well, we may do this again next year as a keeper league.

SCU Fantasy Baseball Sign Up (SO FAR):

1. Gellman - The Commish
2. Adam E (Thoughts and Sox)
3. Daniel
4. Andrew (Wax Wombat)
5. Dave (fielder's choice)
6. Sean (Condition: Poor)
7. Swanssy
8. George (Pessimist Card Collector)
9. Matt
10. TJ


  1. I fully expect to be in last place. This is my first fantasy anything. :D

  2. While I'm really interested in this, I'm not certain that I could sustain myself for a full 30+ weeks plus I haven't participated in a fantasy league in earnest since I was 14. Oh well, best of luck to you all.

  3. Sounds like fun. Shot you an email :D

  4. Crap...I missed out on the league. If you start a second, or need an alternate, let me know.