Monday, March 1, 2010

SPA and Ultimate 1 of 1s Are Starting To Surface

One thing I love about SPA and Ultimate is that the number of 1/1s in this set are minimal. They are not like triple threads where every other card is a printing plate or serial numbered 1/1, and the value of the 1/1s usually reflects that.

SPA has one of the smallest 1/1 checklists of any product this year, with only the rookie patches having a platinum parallel. So far, a few of them have popped up, and I have tried my best to get you a list of them so far:

Brandon Pettigrew - Sold off eBay
Mark Sanchez - Sold $2650
Mike Wallace - Sold $875
Josh Freeman - Unsold $899
Michael Crabtree - Unsold $3800
Matthew Stafford - Unsold $4999
Shone Greene - Unsold $3000
Andre Brown - Pulled in group break on youtube
Derrick Williams - Pulled on SCF
Glen Coffee - Unsold $499

Ultimate has a much more wide variety of 1/1s, but many of them have yet to surface. With SPA being that much more popular, there are more boxes of Ultimate that will go unopened. Also, the Ultimate 1/1s are very different, being that they are just parallels of the regular signature cards. Unlike last year and the year before, all logos will be disseminated through the Ultimate Patch cards, which look to be a massive success regardless. Here are some of the 1/1s that have been posted so far:

Josh Freeman - ending soon
Donald Brown - ending soon

These cards are signed in green ink, while the regulars are in black and the /5 parallel is in red. I dont think these will bring SP authentic levels in their final prices, but they should be above the normal cards by quite a bit.

Im still waiting for the first Ultimate Patch 1/1, but is should not be limited to rookies when the first surfaces on eBay. If you have one to add to the SPA or Ultimate list, let me know.


  1. The SPA case that Andre Brown was in... Oy, it was sad. I was in on that.

  2. Can't believe I'm doing this, but there 1/1 SPA NFL logo of Glen Coffee is also on ebay at: