Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Have Our First SP Authentic Fakes

If there is one thing I have always preached, its that completed auctions are damning evidence when trying to figure out if a seller is a douche. There has been some big discussion lately on blowout and among the readers of this site about whether or not sports_royalty's cards are fake. After looking through his items for sale and his completed auctions, I would definitely file him under that category.

The most unusual thing about this is that the guy has a ton of hot packs for sale. This is almost always a sign that something isnt right. Although Im sure the hot packs contain what they say, its obvious that they will all contain the rookie scrub autos and not the patches. Its not the nail in the coffin, but his resume is getting worse. This could also mean that his crazy patches are all coming from the cases that he busted, but with the hobby, we have been forced to assume everyone is guilty until proven innocent. That is pretty sad.

When you factor in that the guy is already engaging in one thing like hot packs, and then you see his patches, the bad stuff floods your mind and becomes very tough to ignore.

Here are some examples of questionable SPA's:

Josh FreemanKnowshon Moreno Again

Pretty questionable cards, but that is only the beginning. Check out these AWFUL fakes that he has sold. When I say AWFUL, I mean Paris Hilton acting bad:

Mark Sanchez Tag Patch
Eli Manning/Mark Sanchez fooball
Manning/Favre Worst Dual Football Ever?
Manning Family Football

Anyone who sells autographs as fucking terrible as those should be automatically added to your bad list. This guy is nothing but problems. STAY AWAY.

EDIT: Kurt just sent me this from the same fucking asshat, look what else he just HAPPENS to be selling! He even has 10 of them for sale, wow.

Thanks to Justin, Brandon, Leonard, and Tim for the heads up.


  1. Also add bigorange1618 to the Ebay patch card faker list. He sold an Exquisite OJ Mayo prime patch card that I was looking at last night that had only the lower half of the NBA logo showing. It just looked really fake and I doubt Upper Deck would ever release a patch card with just part of the NBA logo showing. Sure enough, after I googled the guy, complaints about him started popping up. Just thought I'd pass this information along.

  2. But the guy selling the Manning Football's has COAs for them! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Why you'd buy a Favre autographed football without the Favre hologram, matching certificate and photo I don't know.

  3. If you want to see bad fakes, take a look at this:


    The cards have bits of the same NFL logo he has used for the fake patches!