Friday, February 19, 2010

2009 SP Authentic Has Logo Confusion

So far, a few of the 1/1 Logo patches out of SP Authentic have popped up on ebay, including this beautifully signed Josh Freeman. The Matthew Stafford was posted earlier this week, and more are sure to come. The issue with these cards is not that they are even close to being fake, but more a question as to where these logos came from.

If you notice on both the Freeman and the Stafford, the logo patches used feature an OLD NFL logo with many stars instead of the new 2008 logo with four stars. If you look at similar Panini 2009 National Treasures logo 1/1s, as well as last year's SP Authentic, the cards feature new logo NFL patches as expected.

One explanation is that UD used the logos off throwback jerseys rather than new player issued jerseys, or that they just used old jerseys from other players at the premiere. My guess is the throwback explanation, as UD had some AWESOME 1/1 cards in 2008 Ultimate Collection with the laundry tag off similar throwback jerseys.

Regardless of the explanation, its still kind of weird to use these types of logos, even if they are only event worn. Either way, the cards still look great regardless of the lack of script 1/1 tags or new logos. Its just unusual that players would not have new logos on their jerseys.

EDIT: Here is a Shonn Greene with the new logo, so I guess some are old, some are new.

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  1. I would place my bet on the retro jerseys.

    More importantly to the design in my opinion is that they didn't reshape the patch window to better match the logo shield.

    Last year, the window was tapered toward the bottom so the shield was displayed better. It also couldn't be faked. Also the '1/1' stamp was a fancier font. This year it's your run of the mill 1/1 font. That can also be faked easier.

    The only thing that is keeping people from putting good fakes on the market is the rainbow foil on the edge of the patch window. But you can't see that as well in scans.

    The patches are one thing, but the fact that they took a step back to deter fakes is a larger concern for me.