Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worst of the Worst 2004-2009 #2 - 2008 Topps Lettermen Football

Over the last five years, there have been quite a few products that havent lived up to billing. Whether its shorted hits, bad design, or lack of content in a box, there were more than I can count. Here is my countdown of the worst of the worst, and I will go into a little of what makes them so bad. Of course, for some, the shittiness extends beyond mere words, but ill at least try to capture it with each post.

The number two worst of the worst, 2008 Topps Lettermen, was so bad that it actually crossed the barrier between sports blogs. Blogs that usually commented only on Baseball or other sports picked this up because no one could fathom why Topps would ever put out a product like it. Back when this came out last year, letter hype was at an all time high, with many products trying to capitalize on the signed manufactured letters and how popular they had become. First being released in Basketball, Topps took letters to a whole new crappy extreme by creating a product that was exclusively focused on signed letters. The price was astronomical, the cards were horrible looking, and the concept reeked of Topps rushing to capitalize on a fleeting fad.

Then they decided to bring it to football, and I am still shocked to this day what ended up happening. Unlike Basketball's autographs signed directly on the letters, Football incorporated the worst looking cop out of autograph technology in the history of this hobby: sticker autos on manufactured letters. Let me repeat that so you don’t have blood shoot out of your eyeballs. STICKER AUTOS ON MANUFACTURED LETTERS. This means that instead of doing letters in a way that at least made this product stomachable for many collectors, they decided it wasn’t worth their time to even get the prime focus taken care of correctly. This horrible idea took cards that already looked like boring and unimaginative shit and made them 1000 times worse.

Oh, but wait, it gets better. They also created manufactured number patches and manufactured logo patches where the sticker wasn’t even put on the card in a normal place. Instead of going across the manupatch like the stupid letters, they were put off to the side and affixed vertically. The results were visual abortions. I have to say though, my favorite part of this whole thing was when they took all the different craptastic designs and X-fractored them to create hundreds of needless parallels. As if having stickers on your letters werent bad enough, now you had more parallels than Triple Threads, all numbered for each individual letter. Fucking gross.

Lastly, as with all Topps high end products, the price was just as much of a drawback as the product design itself. This pile of two week old camel shit cost about as much per box as a Matt Ryan SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto. Yes, instead of buying one of the best cards of the year, you can have a 200 dollar box of turds. I have never said this in my life, but I would actually support you buying a box of Triple Threads over this. I cant tell you how much I laugh at the people who bought cases of Lettermen and thought they were getting "OMG SIKX MOJOZ!!!"

When it comes down to it, I just cant imagine who decided this was a good idea. Im guessing it was the same people who created Triple Threads, Sterling, and all of the rest of the products that triggered the golden rule of Topps. Now that Topps football is gone, we can all rest easy, but I have a feeling that Baseball is going to feel the brunt of this blow. My condolences to those fans.


  1. okay... sitting back observing these posts, I knew what was coming. I was sure this product was going to be #1.
    now I'm curious, and a little scared... what's worse than this abomination???

  2. Yeah, that shit looks like...shit. In what universe do those vertical autos look good. They're laughing at us. Or at least the people who bought boxes of this ass.

  3. Over the last month or so, lots of film blogs have been doing similar lists of the worst movies of the decade. I'd like to declare Topps Lettermen the "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" of the football card industry.

  4. now I'm curious, and a little scared... what's worse than this abomination???

    Oh, if you thought pretty hard, you can probably figure it out. Then you would truly have nightmares.

  5. my guess topps pardigram or performance... thoose super sucked. my obvious answer is sterling, but that is too obvious

  6. I'm also wondering what could be worse...

    That is the most horrible autograph set I've ever seen.

  7. I am also wondering what could possibly be the worst set in is probably something that will be really obvious when we see the number 1. You should do a top 5 products though..

  8. Garbage..

    Every time I pull a sticker off a new pair of jeans I think of this atrocity.

    Topps has no shame. This was one of those lets see how far we can push the envelope type products.