Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Blog With Great Potential For Offsetting Fakes From 2009 SP Authentic

Jeff from I Am Joe Collector has started up a new blog that definitely deserves my and our consideration. Much like the gents from Hobby Kings who started up an exquisite patch auto blog for 2008-2009 Exquisite cards, Jeff is starting it for 2009 SP Authentic. This will be the definitive database of cards that will protect us from cards like this. Kevin Burge and his cronies have made a living selling fake SPA cards and the like, and this will be our evidence to nail him to the wall. With Wolverine recently getting booted from eBay, here is the chance to make a dent in the number of fakes that go undetected after release.


  1. No way I'll be posting my breaks now. Can't have these self-appointed guardians of the hobby taking my scans without permission. If anything, those that aren't posted will be worth more to the scammers, which helps those of us who are breaking several cases.

    Sorry, it's all about the $. I'll glady sell a single color patch to a known scammer before I help out zero integrity rubes like Gellman.

  2. I have no integrity because I have so much money to gain from this. The cash will start rolling in any day.

  3. Im just glad he has his priorities straight. I know I would put scammers ahead of me too if I were him.

    I mean, who wants to deal with "self appointed guardians of the hobby?" Thats like helping people right?

  4. I think the site is a great idea...and really to the idiot above? You are truly a slimeball...go back into your mother's basement and look up BV on your cards. People suck at times. Good luck on the site...the exquisite basketball one looked pretty good

  5. Would it help if I appointed you guys "guardians of the hobby?" Because I'd be more than happy to. Then there wouldn't be that "self appointed" stigma. It'd be totally legit and McB could continue to post his breaks.

    It's a win win.

    Let me know.