Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Can A Super Bowl Do For You?

Check this out. Bush's auctions on ebay have increased quite a bit over the last hour, but this one (of one) deserves some attention. I remember when this card was pulled back in early 2007, and it has been on the block a few times with very few bites. Bush's game today was only just mediocre at best, and he was clearly outshined by Pierre Thomas, an undrafted free agent who is not due 15 million dollars next year.

However, with the Saints in the Super Bowl, will this card sell for a ton more than it normally would? Im guessing it will sell above expected price, but it definitely does not deserve to. Bush has proved little, other than a home run here and there, which has become even more evident as Thomas continues to produce on a regular basis. Bush may not even be a Saint next year, and at that point, where does the hype over his relationship with Kim Kardashian and his USC background end?


  1. LOLZ!!! It's at $1,025 with six and a half days to go. The winner is going to be feeling some major buyer's remorse in two weeks.

  2. Is there a $12 dollar shipping fee to go along with it? Ha