Monday, January 25, 2010

Fake Friendly Bowman Sterling Cards Are Popping Up At An Alarming Rate

You may have seen these cards popping up all over eBay, and I am starting to wonder what is going to happen to them. The cards are out of 2009 Bowman Sterling Football, and I have to believe that these cards are going to be a playground for fakes.

Last week, a few collectors over on FCB noticed that a number of Red Sterling 1 of 1s were being auctioned off without the sticker or jersey attached to them. This could mean that someone with devious intentions had the chance to buy a cheap "1/1" that wasn’t meant to be sold, rip a sticker off another card, sign it, and sell it for big money. For all intensive purposes, a player super collector may want it as well, so it may not all be bad.

Today I received my normal Peterson/Harvin emails in my inbox from eBay and saw these two different cards. They are not the 1/1s and are just regular cards that probably will be purchased for under 50 dollars. The cards themselves sell for over 150 when real.

It looks to be another shipping mistake from Topps, so watch your ass for any fakes you may normally bid on without question.


  1. If it is just a shipping mistake, how does the same seller end up with all 3?

  2. I noticed that guy about 2 weeks ago. He bought them as uncut sheets for around $100 and cut them up himself and is making a buttload of cash from it. Look at 2 of his purchases from December 29th.

  3. In the past these sheets have been sent to distributors (why I don't know, but I know a guy with an 08 version). Why they send them out I don't know (especially red and gold versions), but they're out there.

    I do agree some guy will buy some of these from him, sign them, and resell them as 1/1 errors. I guess the moral is don't buy any of these without seeing the back.

  4. Didnt some guy a couple weeks back buy a huge uncut sheet of this stuff? Looks he cut it up and is selling them off individually.

  5. It's said "for all INTENSE AND PURPOSES" not "intensive purposes"