Friday, December 11, 2009

Rookie Value Rankings Show Me Some Things

I have never really put together a post that is a display of the sell value rankings of all the rookies, so I thought it would be fun to try it out in preparation for our upcoming 3 box limited break. What I did was look at all the different Leaf Limited Phenoms Patch Autos /149 and compare them in terms of recent auction values from eBay. Most of them fluctuate 5% either way with each auction, so be sure to factor that in. These prices also factor in multi colored patches, as with Limited, it only adds so much. Afterwards, ill discuss my feelings on the pricing.

1. Percy Harvin - $100+
2. Knowshon Moreno - $65+
3. Matt Stafford - $57
4. Mark Sanchez - $52
5. Josh Freeman - $50
6. Michael Crabtree - $45
7. Beanie Wells - $30
8. LeSean McCoy - $25
9. Jeremy Maclin - $24
10. Mike Wallace - $23

1. Percy Harvin - Well, Im not too surprised he is at the top spot, especially with all the national hype that Harvin is getting. Another factor could be that all of these redemptions were just fufilled, so the initial go live bump could be in effect. Because Harvin is a WR im not sure if his values will stick through next year, even more so if his production drops when Favre leaves.

2. Knowshon Moreno - I think his price is the most right on of the whole group. As a RB for a top team, his value should stay pretty consistent, and his production should do the same. I would even see a lot of room for growth as he becomes more comfortable in the NFL. Also, RBs are just below QBs in terms of the skill position value hierarchy, so that’s pretty good for his stuff too.

3. Matt Stafford - At the start of the season, Stafford and Sanchez were top 2 with a bullet. Kind of interesting that their values are now where they are. I think Stafford's will rise as the Lions get better, but overall, its still shocking that they are as high as they have been. That 5 TD game did help though.

4. Mark Sanchez - Recent struggles have greatly affected his value. This card used to be over 100 bucks, but when you throw no TDs and a few picks per game, the fickle bitch that is collector favor will fade with your problems.

5. Josh Freeman - I am wholeheartedly surprised that Freeman is this high on the list. He did beat the packers, but since then, little has been good for him. It needs to be said that the Bucs are fucking awful, but usually collectors cant see past that. Either way, I still think he has potential to be good, but this is peak value in my eyes.

6. Michael Crabtree- His values are slowly climbing as he plays more, but his initial offerings are still very much hurt by the extensive hold out and primadonna attitude. Crabby will be a good receiver based on what I have seen, but it will take some forgiveness and/or production to get values up where they started.

7. Beanie Wells - Although the Cardinals have been doing great lately, Wells still needs to prove he can handle playing in the NFL at an elite level before he will make a move on this list. He has had a few good games which have bolstered things, but overall, he has still had a struggle to produce.

8. LeSean McCoy - He may be the savior of the Eagles running game due to Westbrook's concussions, but his values have not necessarily reflected that the way I thought they would. I don’t think McCoy will continue at his production pace because Westbrook will eventually come back, but he should carry some value because of his heightened role this season.

9. Jeremy Maclin - Maclin has shown flashes of absolute brilliance this year, especially being among the only rookie WRs to have a multi TD game. Maclin will be a great player in my opinion, but he will never have top value because of his position.

10. Mike Wallace - I think its awesome that the Steelers have lost to as many bad teams as they have, and Wallace has had some good production. The problem is that I think more of this value comes from the jersey he wears more than the prodction on the field.

Im sure these rankings will change as the season draws to a close, though I do believe they are pretty representative of what I expected.

Be sure to check out our Limited break this coming Saturday or Monday as we are sure to pull a few of these cards in our break. Hopefully it will be a good one.

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