Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Teams For SCU Limited 3 Box Break

Here is the list of teams from the randomizer that are assigned to the different participants in the break. If we pull any cards from any of the teams listed next to your name, they will be sent to you per the address on your paypal transaction. Video will be uploaded to Youtube shortly and posted below.

Here are the teams, trading post is open in comments until right before the break:

Chuck - Packers, Bears
Voluntarheel - Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons, Raiders
Albert - Bills, Jets, Bengals, Jags
Bobby - Cardinals, Redskins, Saints, Titans
Captain C - Chiefs, Panthers
Erik - Lions, Chargers, Rams, 49ers
Jeff NCS - Pats, Dolphins
Jason - Broncos, Eagles
TJ - Bucs, Texans
Frank - Vikings, Giants
Chad - Colts, Seahawks
Arfmax - Ravens, Browns

Boxes have been ordered from Blowoutcards, thanks again to Chris for sponsoring this break.

Here is the video, my wife was watching TV, so there is a weird ominous shrill voice as well. I did it quickly, sorry for lack of quality and production.


  1. Slot 12 yielded the Lions didn't it. damn.

  2. Jeff, do you want to trade the Pats for either one of my teams?

  3. Texans would be slightly tempting but I think I'm going to hold onto my teams and see how it goes. I'm not much of a team trader on breaks, always get nervous what I might be trading away hah.

  4. Ill prolly trade any of mine if someone is interested.

  5. Ravens and Browns up for trade


  6. Personal debate: is it worth it to trade away one of the two older teams I've been randomly gifted for the Ravens? Basically, it is odds vs. fandom...

  7. Gellman-Do Baltimore Colts go to the Baltimore Ravens or the Indianapolis Colts?

    PopStartled-which two teams do you have? I am not sure what handle you are using in this break.



  8. Baltimore moved to Indianapolis, so indy.

  9. I'll trade both of my teams for one team that I actually care about if anyone wants to add chances...

  10. Last call for the Seahawks..anyone a fan?