Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vikings and Packers in a Bloodbath For The Ages

Considering there is a bye week next week, I needed something to help me through the void that is coming for the Vikings. The game today definitely qualified under that category without a doubt. A great win, not only for the morale it gives Favre and the team, but also because a good portion of the team played great.

Brett Favre

I was dreading what was going to happen in this game because of the adrenaline involved, but Favre performed like the master he is. Four TDs and no picks makes Brett a great QB, and I couldnt help but cheer like hell for him all game. You could just see the Packers fans getting more and more frustrated as the first half went on, and then again at the end of the game. It was great, to say the least, and I loved every minute of the Packer fans misery. On top of the pressure of the game that Brett seemed to shrug off, he made some great throws. The Berrian TD throw to seal it was phenomenal, and the Harvin TD was just as good. Just a great game all around for him.

Percy Harvin

When the Vikings drafted him, I cringed. Another pot smoking idiot, that brings back memories of Moss' attitude, right? WRONG. The guy plays with an intensity that rivals Peterson, but the finesse and explosiveness of someone like Andre Johnson. Harvin looked like a veteran out there today, and his plays on special teams were the reason this game ended the way it did. Four kickoff returns that set the Vikings up with great field position, as well as a 51 yard TD catch that was his best of the year. I cant say enough good things about him. I am so fucking glad I have as many of his cards as I do.

Adrian Peterson

Peterson didnt have a memorable game, but he had a VERY solid performance. 140+ yards from scrimmage, a TD on fourth and goal, and a catch that sealed it for the Vikes in the fourth. Im sure he is just as glad as I am that we can score 38 points when he has just an okay game. Never would have happened a few years ago.

Jared Allen

If there is one person that loves playing against the Packers more than Favre, its Jared Allen. Three more sacks, as well as a few batted passes, and you have another amazing game from a guy that is quickly cementing his place as the best defensive end in the league.

Aaron Rodgers

This guy must be hating himself right now. The guy he replaced just came in and torched them for the SECOND time, and he had a great game despite it. He must be thinking "What the crap do I have to do to beat these mother fuckers?" I actually felt pretty bad for him because he just looked dead out there once the game got out of reach. Favre's shadow looms over him no matter what he does, and you can see that he hates every second of it.

Karl Paymah, Madieu Williams, Cedric Griffin

How long until Winfield gets back? Seriously, I spent most of the second half shouting horrible things at these guys, as they could not have played a worse game coming out of that locker room for quarter 3. Paymah completely looks overmatched, which says something playing across from horrid Cedric Griffin. Madieu Williams has to be one of the worst Safeties I have ever seen, never really putting anything into his tackles. Just to illustrate how bad it was, on Rodgers' 35 yard scramble, Paymah didnt even bother to turn around until Rodgers was right behind him. I hope they cut these fuckers.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the game today. Everything happened as it should. Funny enough, I played a game on Madden the night before against a guy who chose the Packers against my Vikings. I won on the last play of the game with a TD to Shiancoe, and much like today's game, it was dominated by Allen and the D-Line. I am truly excited to see how the rest of the season will turn out, and I think it could actually turn out to be one of the best seasons I have been able to watch.


  1. Typical hayseed Vikings fan who doesn't know better.

    Rodgers doesn't care about Favre. He played equal to Favre. He knows he's going to be the QB in GB for the next 15 years just like Favre. The front office knew he's as good as Favre which is why they kicked his old ass off the team. They weren't going to let Rodgers leave while Favre had his last hurrah.

    And Favre will self-destruct come playoff time. You rubes think everything is falling in place for a SB run, but you are sadly mistaken. I've seen so many teams have hot starts and their desperate fans get all excited only to fall apart months from now. I can't wait.

  2. Agree with MCB. Would add The supporting cast made a big difference. If Favre was on the Packers today it would not even been this close.

  3. I think that is a given, and the reason the Vikings will continue to do well as long as he does well. Favre has shown that he is really the one thing they have been missing. Without Favre they are a 4-3 team.