Monday, November 2, 2009

NFL Rookie Battle Royale: Week 8

It was a great weekend of football, as you can probably imagine, and there were quite a few rookies that performed pretty well. A few are still having trouble getting established, but others are falling into solid roles with their respective teams. The funny thing is that there isnt a clear cut rookie of the year candidate yet, though Sanchez does seem to have an advantage as a QB. Who knows at this point.

Matt Stafford

We all knew Stafford was going to have problems playing for a team as bad as the Lions. I warned those of you who were prospecting his stuff, that he was a POOR target for your collecting this year. He hasnt performed horribly, but he hasnt been great either. Then, when you factor in the injury, things are even worse. Well, he was back this week, but didnt do much in the loss to the Rams. He had 168 yards, 1 interception, and a rushing TD. Not a great game.

Mark Sanchez

Sanchez had a very good day, but they still lost to the Dolphins. This was really his first good game in a long time, and its probably a breath of fresh air for the people who bought up all his stuff at the beginning of the season. He is still the top guy of the 09 class by far, but he is going to need a playoff run to sustain his value. At this point im not sure, even though he put up 3 TDs and no interceptions yesterday.

Percy Harvin

If there was a rookie in focus this week, it was Percy Harvin. His game was one of the main reasons the Vikings were able to win the game, especially on his 51 yd TD catch. Then, when you factor in that he had a kick return average of 35 yards, with three going over 45, it becomes even more apparent how important he was. Harvin's cards have been going for great prices, and should continue to do so. The guy is electric.

LeSean McCoy

What a game for the Eagles against their rivals, right? McCoy definitely did well to help that win, and his 69 yard TD run was fun to watch. He has been a great option for the Eagles during Westbrook's absence, and you can tell that they were thinking ahead when they drafted him. Due to the Peterson Effect (All RB cards are more valuable because of the chance of a Peterson style rookie season) his cards are already pretty expensive, but this should help maintain those prices.

Jeremy Maclin

Im impressed with Maclin, the guy has turned it on lately, and has done so on a team that needed it. The Eagles are on a roll, and Maclin has scored 3 TDs in the last 3 games. He had 4 for 47 yards, including a TD at the end of the half that stunned a Giants crowd looking to stop their slide. Maclin was under the radar to begin with, and I think may end up as the best WR out of this class. I may start to pick up a few of his cards.

Michael Crabtree

Crabtree was held out of the endzone again, but managed 81 yards against the Colts. He also fumbled, which was problematic, but overall a pretty good game for a rookie who only has two games under his belt. Kind of makes you wonder what would have happened if he hadnt been a complete fucktard to begin the season.

Shonn Greene

I dont think there were many of us who were suprised when Greene didnt equal his game from last week, but there were a few shocked grins around my fantasy league to see him struggle with 8 carries for 18 yards. Im not expecting a whole lot out of him, but he needs to do better than 2 yards per carry.

Knowshon Moreno

The Broncos are no longer undefeated, and Knowshon did not have a very good game. Although the fumble he had looked questionable at best, it was still another tick on the league leading rookie fumble total. He did get into the endzone which helped, but he only had 10 carries for 39 total yards. Moreno's cards arent going to drop, but this doesnt help. I still say its only a matter of time before he breaks out with a huge game.

The Rookie Graveyard

Darrius Heyward-Bey - The Raiders should have taken someone else, but we already knew that. He has done absolutely nothing, despite QB issues.

Brandon Pettigrew - Another bad team, but he should be doing more than 1 catch per game, especially when Calvin Johnson is on the shelf

Michael Crabtree - He needs a lot of production to erase the holdout. Im still shaking my head.

Beanie Wells - Another mediocre game for him losing to a team with problems. Doesnt help that Warner threw 5 interceptions either though.


  1. Not a Stafford fan or anything, but you man are you being tough on a guy who's #1 receiver (sans Calvin) is Bryant Johnson, #2 is Dennis Northcutt, who has a rookie TE and a O-Line that is anything but desirable.

    He isn't lighting up the world, but he is showing that he can certainly play in the league.

    Check out Peyton's first year. I wouldn't say that the prospectors were wrong there and they were certainly paying a premium.

    That being said, in football, there really isn't any prospecting anymore with top guys. They are drawing top dollar before they play a down.

  2. I dont disagree with you, but he wasnt doing great with Megatron on the field. I guess Im spoiled from Flacco and Ryan.