Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Program Worth Supporting

Today, Upper Deck posted on its blog that they will be sponsoring a new initiative to get 1,000,000 unopened packs collected and sent to overseas US troops by 11/11/2010. Its not often that you see something like this put together, so I hope you guys help contribute to this good cause at your local shops or by mail. They have given the program a head start with 100,000 packs, and the rest is up to us.

I dont think many of us realize how much this would mean to our friends across the ponds, as this little taste of home could mean the difference between a good day and a bad one. One of my best friends is stationed in Iraq right now, and he has had quite a struggle to find places to send him cards to feed his wax addiction. I can see that something like this would be wonderful for guys like him, and now we have the opportunity to bring that to them.

Im already working on putting together a contest to help, ill post as soon as I have everything ready.


  1. I'm going to sound like a real dick but this is just a ploy of using a sense of charity to sell more product. Really lame when companies do this in my opinion.

  2. Of course it's a marketing ploy.

    And our boy Gellman here has to promote it because he's a UD stooge now.

    Objective my ass...

  3. Jeff, Agreed to the fuckin' Tee.

    When I read this, the first thing I thought was, "I wonder how much they're writing off those 100K packs for on their tax form"

    With that said, if you're going to give to charity, I suppose this is a good one.

  4. See, I think there is a line you should really think hard about crossing before you do.

    Of course this is a marketing ploy, duh. But the fact remains that the people who get these packs are going to be pretty thankful that they did. Seriously, do you honestly think there are charity drives like this that arent marketing ploys in some way? Who fucking cares? The people meant to benefit, still do.

    Ive worked with Diabetes charities long enough to understand that there arent many selfless acts out there. For instance, at the JDRF walk on sunday, there were 100 vendors or so, pimping their shit for people with diabetes. You know how they got there? They donated. Guess what? All of that money goes to JDRF, so I couldnt care less.

    Im starting to question some of the people who spend their time coming on here and commenting on posts like this with negative comments. When I posted that I was raising money for the Diabetes walk, I rejected some of the most awful comments in the history of this blog. If your hatred for me is so much that you need to get your rocks off that way, I feel bad for you.

    This is a good cause regardless of the marketing motives behind it. Pull your head out of your ass and think before you act like a fool.

  5. Whether good intentioned or not feeding off of peoples needs/emotions of charity to sell product is a shitty move. Sure it happens a lot, doesn't make it right. They could have just as easily said "hey we donated 100k packs to troops" and talked about how it boosts their morale and then leave it to consumers to do the same if they felt so. Instead of turning it into a marketing campaign run by them to get packs sold.

    I don't doubt it will benefit the troops but you'd be better off sending something on your own if you are care to.

  6. Seriously UD, are you sure you want armed soldiers opening your product?

    You've got to know one of them is going to fucking snap when they open their third super sick undrafted free agent Jerimiah Johnson Arian Foster DUAL AUTO.. SICKKKKZ.