Monday, November 9, 2009


I posted before that it will most likely be down to two manufacturers in football come 2010, and today the NFL Players inc issued a statement that Topps is out of the NFL for the foreseeable future. I think I am glad because sets like Triple Threads, Sterling and Lettermen are gone, but very fucking sad that this will be Chrome's last year.

Topps has assaulted my senses quite a bit over the last few years, but Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome deserve a place around the campfire. On top of all of that, anytime variety is TAKEN AWAY from collectors, we are the ones that lose, as well as the companies that lose out. Exclusivity sucks no matter which way you slice it, and now that we wont have a flagship Topps set for the first time in decades, its kind of sad to imagine what is going to be happening.

This is really a huge victory for Upper Deck and Panini, as their market share will increase exponetially, but there will also be MANY angry Topps collectors who will scoff at the idea of a football industry without their favorites. There will probably still be unlicensed Topps products, though not as many, as the company prepares to do battle with the biggest license of them all under its belt. When you think about it, having only baseball is not a bad thing for a company that was built on America's past time, but the nostalgia still brings forth angry feelings of loss.

Lastly, it looks as if we will no longer have resolution on lingering Topps problems, and those redemptions we all have are now in Jeopardy. Lets hope they finish strong, unlike what has happened with Basketball, as Topps Signature Edition football is surely on the way. Either way, with all the different Chicken Little and "OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN" posts that are surely coming, we will definitely get a clear picture of how the hobby is reacting to the news.

Popcorn anyone?


  1. Honestly, instead of revoking the license, the NFL should've just said..

    Hey fucktards.. 2 products in each price scale each.

    You get 2 under 60 bucks, 2 under 160 bucks, and of unlimited price -- We don't care what you charge.

    You also get one product, regardless of cost, that'll be classified as a flagship brand.

    7 licenses each. There you go, don't fuck it up.

    Now, before you go and make UD Draft or Playoff Prestige, think to yourself... Do you really want to waste a licene on this product?

  2. This sucks. Topps has a history which I hate to lose. Plus, other than SP Authentic, all I buy are Topps base and the chromes. Next year will be small pickings for me.

    How will this effect market value for previous cTopps ards? Seems that once a brand ceases to exist, the demand for those cards begins to slide.

  3. This is not a good thing to collectors.

    However, the NFL Players aren't dumb in who they selected to oust. Say what you will, but from what I see on boards and stuff, people have been very happy with Panini's Football products this year stickers or not. They positioned themselves better than Topps in a very important year.

    UD was not going to go for any number of reasons, but most importantly was that NFL was their last license, and the NFL knows that they have a very large Company now giving 100% focus on their league.

    Topps, between crappy products (Triple Threads and Performance to name a couple) and their inability to respond to massive forgeries have proven to be the most vulnerable to get the axe.

    As much as I love chrome, if I had to pick one to go, it would be Topps as well.

  4. Damn....there goes some of the best rookie cards in the NFL with the topps and bowman chrome. This majorly sucks....

  5. I'm glad you brought up the inevitable "Signature Edition" sticker dump to end all sticker dumps that is heading our way. That's the first thing I thought of when I heard this. Look out kids, it's gold print numbered /5000.

  6. Utter bullshit how can they do this to the collector that doesnt have that much coin and looks forward to the new topps set ever year what a crock of shit
    Fuck panini and UD

  7. Also...I already thought they had the sticker dump with 2009 topps magic? lol...

  8. Haha, good call ewensel. Magic will probably be the "focus of their football brand" until 2015 since it doesn't require a Players license. Yikes.

  9. Voluntarheel,

    The counterfeit thing is huge I think, and It makes me think of something that happened this morning. I was throwing away a box of Topps American Heritage, and I shit you not, here was a disclaimer:

    "Topps has authorized only the packaging and distribution of the number of sequentially number and/or hand number cards stated on the card, but cannot guarantee that counterfeit or other unauthorized cards will not exist"

    I wonder if they had that disclaimer on all the Topps Flagship that the Rookie Premieres came out of...

  10. Good. I quit collecting football cards thanks to 2007 garbage. I go to various card shops and they still have piles of these on sale for $30 and they still couldn't get rid of them. I knew Sterling was joke from its debut when I saw one guy opened up a box and it was nothing but disappointment. How many Omar Jacobs game-used cards should in an expensive box? Just because it looks "shiny" doesn't mean its suppose to be good. They are one of the reasons why I left football card market with bunch of garbage.

  11. I really don't think that licensing will have any impact on the product proliferation. Just because they don't have a license doesn't mean that they won't still print up the same sets year after year, it's not the death knell for Topps Football, it just means they won't have logos.

  12. Because Topps lost the NFL PA, they cant have players on the cards. This is it for Topps football right now.

  13. Can they do college product with some non-NFL players mixed in?

  14. One positive is hundreds of thousands of event and "game worn" jersey and stick cards created annually. Perhaps the market needed it b/c it has contracted and gotten smaller - less choice is in general not good for some high end stuff we'll miss but not all negative.

  15. Hey Johnny,

    You obviously missed this year's SP Signature Basketball. That was the worst of all sticker dumps, no argument. At least Topps Signature Basketball gave you autos of good players. Don't even get me started on SP Authentic Baseball, stickers everywhere and gray stickers at that!