Monday, November 16, 2009

Chris Johnson's Autograph Needs To Match His Performance

Chris Johnson is one fucking talented running back. After another 200 total yard performance last week, he is continuing to tear up NFL defenses like tissue paper. The problem with Chris Johnson isn't something he does on the field, but more something that he does for us in the hobby. In case you are unfamiliar, Johnson has a card signature that is reminiscent of Vernand Morency, and seems to give less than two shits about what we think. His two letters (barely) and out, leaves me VERY bittersweet whenever I pull an auto of his, or see a card I would like to buy. In fact, I actually think the value of his autograph is lower because of the fact he is a jackass in that respect.

Funny enough, when you see his signature on non card items, it’s the full signature, but cards are still lackluster if not worse. I know for a fact that the companies have approached him about the stuff he signs, but obviously we have not seen the results in the cards for 2009 and beyond. There are rare instances of a full signature, but 99% of the time his effort is less than the effort Keenan Thompson puts into his characters on SNL. That takes talent.

I have avoided buying Chris Johnson's cards from the beginning because I cant stand his signature, and I have put any I pull up for sale right away because of that same feeling. That’s a huge problem for a lot of fans out there because he is doing so well on the field. Usually when someone has a shitty signature in the past, they have been an unimportant pick with no prospects, but this is completely different.

Say he goes on to win MVP in the next few years, which could be a possibility with his talent. Immediately, the bandwagon collectors go back and try to purchase some of his cards, only to see that he has the worst signature in the last few years. That sucks for this hobby, and its even more frustrating because cards are the only thing he does it for. It also adds a whole new level to forgeries because its so hard to tell what is what.

Granted, fellow defense destroyer Adrian Peterson recently switched to a similar 4 character autograph, and that is just as frustrating. Personally, despite the number of things they have to sign, I would never have a problem giving the fans what they want in most normal circumstances, even more so when you are sitting at a table signing stickers or cards. No screaming fans, no quickness needed, just sign and be done. There is no earthly reason to shaft your fans, especially because one day, it may be the way you are remembered.

Ask people like Harmon Killebrew, Torii Hunter and Kirby Puckett, who all stood by the fact that a measure of a player's signature is the presence of every letter. Harmon has said on numerous occasions that an autograph is just as much a part of the player's history as their game, and to have one that doesn’t look like some effort was put into it, is detrimental.

I agree.


  1. great post, I fully agree. I mean I remember practicing my signature when I was a little leaguer dreaming of a day when people would actually want me to do that for them. Its just sad seeing players put little effort into some of their sigs

  2. That stuff does not bother me and does affect his prices. It is funny squiggles ok initials not so good. Have you seen say LT's auto. People love cirlces and scribbles. Percy's japanese his horrible. Unless it is a whole name like Peyton, Favre they are all in the same boat. BTW peeops 09 Certifed black nfl logo 1/1 FS ;)


  3. I am a Titans collector and his auto kills me. If he had a better sig I would have a lot more than two of his autos. The bad thing is even if he changes it the terrible signatures are on his rookie cards.

  4. I loike circles and scribbles. It looks much better. Look at Sidney Rice, I like his sig, dont mind LT's as much. If Johnson added his number like Harvin, it would be much better.

    Nothing is going to beat the old timers though. If you go back 20 years, no one had this shit.

  5. I'm a HUGE Andre Dawson fan and he has one of the best signature out there. Here is a video of him talking about how he signs that goes along with what you were saying about Killebrew...


  6. his leaf certified stamp rc has a full auto. not sure if any other autos for that set do or not. once i saw the complete shit autos of his that came out in ud premier, I'd wish I would have hung on to it. Oh but don't worry I did get a nice matt forte for it. Good deal there for me. I hate my bears.