Saturday, October 31, 2009

UD Black Is Shaping Up To Be Utterly Ridiculous

Earlier on friday, Upper Deck released a pretty shocking statement about a product that features completely hard signed signatures. UD Black will have no redemptions. Let me repeat that, because it definitely bears repeating. In a product year where Panini is issuing redemptions for signed stickers of fucking rookies AT THE ROOKIE PREMIERE, Upper Deck is going to release a completely hard signed product with no fucking redemptions. This is also the same year that Panini touted their no redemption product for Prestige, but this is a set that features the same unprecedented claim for a hard signed product. Amazing.

As we saw in previews, the look of UD Black looks amazing, and the content looks to be the best so far this year. I have a feeling that when all is said and done, this could be one of the best boxes to buy around, as you know you are not going to have to wait for any of the cards you pull.

Here are some more of the preview images, count me in for at least one box. Man, those Lustrous cards look fucking awesome.



  1. you can count me in for one box of this stuff, I cant wait

  2. Everything in box is great, but will see if this keeps it delayed even longer or not.

  3. I'm also noticing that the gold paint pens signatures are far better on this set than they were in Exquisite last year, at least in these preview pictures. No bleeding or anything.

  4. Who wants to bust a case of this as a group break?

    20 autos and 20 Flag Patches...

    $55 per slot randomed out so guaranteed a card just could be auto or Flag patch...

    Return of Holy Hitter

  5. Hitter, post that if you want to do it, id take a spot.

  6. hitter I would take a spot too


  7. UD has to be loving guys like you hyping up this overpriced crap.

    The stuff is going to be a loser in terms of ROI. The singles market is dead. Rookies in college unis will hurt a lot.

    Just buy singles. You'll get 6-7 good cards for the price of a box or two.

    "count me in for at least one box" - oooooh, big spender here, lol.

  8. "The singles market is dead"

    Dude mcb you are clueless. Not even close to dead