Friday, October 30, 2009

Product Review: 2009 Bowman Chrome Football

Im not going to do a regular review here because Bowman Chrome's format is so similar to Bowman DP and Topps Chrome. However, there are a few great parts of the set, and a few bad parts.

The Good

I like the design they chose this year for Bowman Chrome, it fits well. The design also lends itself quite well to the parallels that Chrome is known for, and they dont have to frankenstein the card for the autographs like last year. I think that if we are going to have to endure as many base sets that are turned into chrome as we do, this is a good trade off.

I am a big fan of the parallel structure in chrome, and I think it works well when you can bust a box and do well even if you pull a shitty auto. Bowman chrome is that and more, as the low numbered refractors ALWAYS sell well. Of course, you also have the superfractor chase, which definitely doesnt hurt the product's goals.

Lastly, the photography for some of the players in Chrome is 10 times as good as in Topps Chrome. Although they moved away from game style shots that I love, they made it so you cant see the empty LA Coliseum behind them. Also, having the holo-sticker on the ball for the Sanchez Topps Chrome card was pretty bush league.

The Bad

The rookie jersey auto parallels are some of the worst ideas in chrome history, both Topps and Bowman alike. The swatches cover up more than half of the player and continue to be a useless addition to a product known for keeping it real. Topps was horrible at designing these cards last year, and this year is no different. Bowman Sterling, Topps Chrome, and now Bowman Chrome, all put the swatches in horrible places, yet, Bowman seems to be the worst placement all around.

Also, im not sure why they went with the ribbing on the background of the card. I liked it much better when it was a flat chrome, no need to fix something that aint broken.

Lastly, the autograph cards in the set do not make it obvious enough that they are autograph cards. They are now printing "Topps Certified Auto" on the cards, which is good, but an amateur would still be stupid enough not to miss it on a fake. I think they need different ways of doing it.


I think Bowman Chrome is good but forgettable. It may be the way to go in Baseball, but Football continues to be Topps Chrome territory. Its not a horrible product, and looks to be a fun and cheap rip, so I may actually go buy a box or two. Maybe ill get lucky.

Rating =

2009 Product Leaderboard (SO FAR)

1. Topps Chrome (4/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). Bowman Chrome (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). Donruss Certified (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). Upper Deck Football (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). UD Philadelphia (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). Topps Football (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). UD Icons (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). UD Heroes (3/5 GELLMANS)
2(t). UD Draft Edition (3/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Upper Deck SP Threads (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Upper Deck SPX (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Playoff Absolute Memorabilia (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Bowman Sterling Football (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Donruss Threads (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Donruss Classics (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Donruss Elite (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Playoff Prestige (2/5 GELLMANS)
9(t). Bowman Draft Picks (2/5 GELLMANS)
18. Score Inscriptions (1/5 GELLMANS)
19. Leaf Rookies and Stars (0/5 GELLMANS - NR)

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