Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two Amazing Games In Two Days

What a high I am living right now, my Twins beat the Tigers in one of the best games in the team's history, and the Vikings go and beat the crap out of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers (literally). Its the first time in a long time that its a great week to be a Minnesota sports fan.

Granted, the Twins are going to go to New York and get destroyed like the Death Star, but this win was good enough to validate their improbable ascension to division champs after losing Morneau and half their pitching staff. It sure helps that the Tigers had an epic collapse, but it was still a great victory none-the-less.

Photo Credit to AP

My main man Joe Mauer also should have secured himself the MVP, as if he didnt deserve it already. To the idiotic writers, the stats he put up would only have been enough if the team had made the playoffs, and now it looks like his resume is complete. That makes me very happy, as he is more
deserving than anyone in the AL, no question.

Photo Credit to UD Blog

As for Favre and the Packers game, I couldnt be happier for both him and for my favorite cattle roper Jared Allen. They did an amazing job putting up points against a good Packer defense, and it was awesome to see Aaron Rodgers get the shit kicked out of him on the other end of the ball. Yeah, yeah, I know it wont last, but it was nice regardless. The true test will be against Baltimore in 2 weeks, with one of the best defenses in the league, as well as a good offense with Flacco, Mason and company.

It was also sweet to see Sidney Rice have another great game, and I dont think much will be made of it, which is unfortunate. Rice had a great TD catch as well as two possible game saving onside kick recoveries, which definitely contributed to the win. Favre and Allen got the spotlight, but Rice deserves some of it.

Peterson, surprisingly had a mediocre game, mainly due to the Packers loading up the box. Of course, they paid for it, but it was discouraging to see him play just okay. The big play was the strip for a TD, and its scary to think that he has the most fumbles of any back in the last 2 years. That is not a good thing.

Lastly, I dont think I can watch another monday night ESPN game as long as Favre is playing. Gruden had crawled so far up Favre's ass that he may as well try and get a couch in there with some direct TV. Its fucking brutal.

Here's to another great Minnesota sports week, hopefully the high will continue.


  1. "Gruden had crawled so far up Favre's ass that he may as well try and get a couch in there with some direct TV."

    Truly a priceless quote! Love it!

  2. Blow the fucking Metrodome up now. Can't wait for that giant fucking pimple to finally be popped.

  3. I can't wait till the purple circus comes to Heinz Field in 3 weeks. Ravens then the Steelers lol Love it!


  4. Goose bums every time I watch Favre play, I hope he takes the Vikings to the SB!