Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crabtree Signs, Realizes Agent Is A Douche

The hard part is over, Crabtree has finally signed a six year deal with the Niners. He had missed four games, and the Niners were not going to give in, so he decided that his prospects were better to sign rather than sit out. The problem was really his agent, who was dead-set on bucking the slot payment process for draft picks, all while cementing his reputation with the NFL. However, after Deion Sanders (also with the same agent) said that other teams were willing to give Crabby what he wanted if he didnt sign, the Niners went a terminator style rampage.

Its been rumored on PFT that if Sanders had in fact cooperated with the subsequent tampering investigation against the Jets, the agent would have faced a lot of scrutiny he wasnt looking for. Thus, Crabtree did what he should have done in July. Eugene Parker, the antagonist in this story, has had a history of draft picks holding out, and after this he may not get many more rookies to sign with him. Not only did he screw his player out of training camp, preseason, and the first four games by instilling greed and stupidity, but he may have cost himself a lot of future business.

All in all, the 49ers were the victors here, and I am so glad they are. Crabtree was put in his place, and now will have to deal with Mad Mike Singletary in the locker room. Its a win win for them. Crabby may have a good rest of the season, but as has been said on a lot of other sites, every dropped pass and every mistake will now be attributed to his idiotic ploy to buck the system.

Hey, at least our Crabtree will finally start being worth something, right? No? Crap.


  1. In other news, Braylon Edwards is headed to the Jets. Mohamed Massaquoi becomes Cleveland's number 1 receiver.

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