Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Is One Of The Best Fakes Evar

I was doing my normal look around the boards today, and I came across this card on FCB. This fake almost took my breath away, as it is almost as good as the triple logo Manning auto that was deemed best ever by me a few months ago.

Even though the card is a 1/1, I am still pretty positive that the laundry tag isnt real. Regardless, the tag is not why this card is awesome. First off, the top auto is on a clear sticker, which was not used by DLP at the time of this set. Of course, it looks like a fake auto to begin with, so right there, the card has already become awesome.

Then, when you look a little farther down the card, you see something that not many fakers are stupid enough to try. Yes, believe it or not, the guy has signed the laundry tag too. This is now a dual autograph 1/1 laundry tag, and it is glorious.

The best part is that he even included a scan of the back of the card, where it has no mention of the autograph(s) on the front, thus making me wonder how stupid you would have to be to buy this. I guess there are a lot of people out there who are.


  1. i think the tag is real. haha but look at the "g" on manning, the hook of the g doesn't connect so that means the tag was in the card before the sig, and correct me if im wrong but dont the players sign patches n stuff before they are put in the card?

  2. Tag is probably real but both sigs are fake....