Friday, October 2, 2009

Rumble In Minneapolis: Packers Vs Vikings Rd 1

When the Vikings signed Favre, to tell you the truth, I wasnt even sure if he was going to make it to this game coming up on monday. Now that the game is upon us, and the circus has come to town, anticipation is starting to boil over. Its going to be great, and its going to be a nationally televised event!

Favre, so far, has been great at leading the Vikings. He has been careful with the ball, he has let AD run wild without remorse, and he was responsible for the best Vikings drive in the last 10 years. Great. Now Bretty McWrangler has to go up against the Packers, a team with a new defense, a great offense, and a hankering to put their former golden boy on his ass. That is not great. Considering that Favre is about as fragile as paper thin sheet of glass, to play a team like Green Bay is probably not going to be a good thing for his health.

Not only that, but a loss for the Vikings here would be a complete morale nuclear bomb. Having your biggest rival come into the dome and beat you on national TV is never a good thing, but when you have the best player in that Franchise's history in uniform, its that much bigger. I say this is going to lead Favre to make some bad decisions, and it may cost the Vikings the game.

If you remember back to the Vikings' playoff win in Lambeau a few years ago, Favre had major problems because he tried to do too much. The Vikings came away with one of the bigger wins in their history, and Favre looked horrible. The same type of effect could happen on monday, especially if Childress plays into it. If the Vikings can continue to hand the ball to Peterson, keep Harvin and Taylor involved, all while the defense plays their normal game, its going to be tough to beat them in their house. However, if Favre starts making horrible throws all over the field, a la the New York Jets last few games, its going to be a disaster.

Ill be watching as usual, and I hope that the Vikings pull it off. More importantly, I hope Favre pulls it off.


  1. I've been meaning to ask you want to put a blaster of Chrome Football on the game? with Vikings, me with Packers of course?

  2. how can you say farve is fragile? last time I heard he has more consecutive starts than any other person in the league...and has played through countless injuries. Just bc he is old doesnt mean he is fragile.