Friday, September 11, 2009

SPX 2009: The Shadow Box Cards Explained

After months of trying to get an idea as to what these cards are actually going to be, here is an explanation from Chris Carlin:

The card is five layers so it’s a little thicker. Three of the layers have images, two of the layers are filler to add depth. The images and scans we show don’t speak to the three-dimensional look of the cards so it’s hard to understand fully how unique these cards are unless you have one in front of you.

Im guessing this means that two of the three image layers will have acetate as the stock they are printed on, with a very, very thick result. For the third Image layer, its probably a solid cardstock background slide or another acetate style design background. It should be amazingly cool, especially when they have the signed versions.

They are going to serve as case hits for the upcoming SPX release, and you can bet that they are going to be pretty valuable as well. Hopefully they arent too much to buy, as I know I wont be lucky enough to pull one.

Here is Mario's take on it, he should have a sample to show everyone next week sometime.

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  1. I love these cards each year and this year as opposed to others - they're stepping it up once again.