Friday, September 11, 2009

A Comment On Superfractors

When it comes to 1 of 1 cards in this hobby, there have been more mistakes than successes. Obviously the quad logo auto 1/1s in Exquisite are one thing, but they go all the way down to the 10,000+ 1/1s in Topps Moments and Milestones. One specific type of 1/1 has trancended the normal contructs of value surrounding base parallels, and I know that many people buy just to seek them out. Back in the 1990s, when refractor technology made its play, Topps literally put every possible design into its different parallels. Then they started numbering them. Then they started numbering them REALLY low. Then they made the granddaddy of all chrome cards, the 1/1 golden ticket Super-fucking-fractor.

Dont get me wrong, the idea of the Superfractor doesnt bother me one bit. Having a 1/1 parallel in a set built on the success of the different variations of the cards actually make sense. Its the look that I just absolutely hate. The cards look awful in my opinion, they always have, mainly due to the fact that the whole card is printed on that gold atomic mega refracting x-fractor board. Why not just put a nice gold border on it? How about using the gold atomic mega refracting x-fractor board, but only for the outside of the card?

Listen, I know you chromies are going to crucify me for this post, and I understand that the card itself is an icon even with the weird cardstock, but I just cant see myself ever going after one. After seeing the potential for gold bordered cards with the gold refractor autographs that are inserted in this year's product, it has become clear how awesome a 1/1 like that could be. Instead of putting up with a player pic you cant see, you now have a really sleek addition to the parallels of the base set.

I am not kidding myself with the idea that Topps may actually change the look of the Superfractors, but I will say that its disappointing each time I see a card look like this:


  1. I agree 100%. I totally dig the refractor cards (well, the X-Fractor doesn't do anything for me) but these 1/1 cards are pretty nasty looking. I've got two and still have a hard time believing they're in my collection. Sure, it's fun to hunt for them, but boy, I sure wish they looked better.

  2. James, you pulled two Supers???

    Personally, some look much better than others. I don't love them but I'd LOVE to pull one.

  3. A lot of us want to pull them, but the look like crap. The idea is good.

  4. Hahaha. No, I didn't pull them, which is ironic because that means I bought 'em both. But to my defense, I picked 'em up in the same couple of days off of eBay and didn't see how ugly they were in person until I got them in the mail. D'oh!

    But yeah, the idea is sound. They should find a way to make them super refractors, sort of the way a proof set of coins looks super clean and nearly flawless.

  5. Chromies? Knew I guy once who everyone called Chromie becasue he told people that he didn't have a condom one time so he just used tin foil.