Monday, August 31, 2009

Sometimes Its Just A Little TOO Obvious

We all know that the fakes have spread to as far back as 2001 and as far forward to 2008. Im sure its only a matter of time before the 2009 fakes hit ebay, which is really too bad.

Here is a seller that doesnt really get how to sell these, especially when half of the entire Jonathan Stewart print run is in his store.

Im just curious when Topps will step in, if ever. This has become a very unfortunate situation.

h/t Bobby P.


  1. i saw these tonite while browsing for new stewarts for my collection, its really sad - due to all of this I will most likely never get the red ink RPA because i just cant trust that its real.

  2. I made it a point to get the RP autos I wanted this year early, even if it meant paying a little more. So far, the 5 I've purchased (blue quad, blue single, blue dual, red single, red dual) of Chris Wells have all been legit. I'm sure that fakes will pop up; the card looks so easy to reprint, especially without some type of the hologram sticker from the past. Make sure any you decide to get are glossy...I think this is probably the hardest thing to reproduce, other than the auto itself.

  3. Hmmmm. The Red Ink are SP's, correct?

    And the guy has HALF the print run?

    I really, REALLY wish that just ONE day one of the major card companies would step in and do something about the people faking their cards.

  4. yeah anthony, red ink is supposed to be /10, and dude has 5 for sale atm. he also had 2 or 3 red chris johnsons - who is perfect for this since he has the easiest to forge sig of all time.