Monday, August 31, 2009

First Look: 2009 Ultimate Collection Football

I cant believe its this time of year already, but we are getting Ultimate previews, and I love it. The cards have their ups and downs, but there are a few that look VERY cool. Still no word on what the rookie signatures are going to look like, but these mock ups will have to tide us over.

This card is not one of my favorites. Its busy, its weirdly lined, and the design just doesnt look very good. Im pretty disappointed if this is what the base is going to look like, but base is not the focus of this product.

Here is another card that features weird lines, but the team color aspect is pretty cool. Im not really feeling the Louis Vuitton type pattern background, something that I see from upcoming sets is going to be pretty standard. This should look better for other players with better colors.

I love this card. It looks awesome. Last year's ultimate patches were some of my favorite cards, and this year looks like they are going to be as good. Again, it has that pattern, but im glad it isnt too prominent here. This card would have looked that much better without it.

This card looks pretty sweet as well. The odd lines actually look very cool, and the player setup works very well. These will all be on card, and you can imagine how cool some of these will be. I heard there are all the way up to 8, so those could be some of the most valuable ones of the year.

As good as the rookie one looks, is as bad as this one does. It looks like the Romo was pasted onto the bottom of this card, and it may have been salvaged if there was no line below Big Ben. It just looks odd, but does look like a pretty awesome dual if they had chopped off the Romo sig box.

We also saw that there would be more 1997 Legends sigs, which will be great as they were last year, but you already know what those look like. Darrell Green was the player, and im sure that the 2009 HOF class will be added along with him.

Overall, I would still say Im pretty excited for Ultimate, even though last year's looked like it was a lot better. Too bad they couldnt have gone with a preview of the RC autos as well, as those are the focus of the set. Ill reserve judgement until I see them. Lastly, it looks like the inscription cards will be back as well, and deservedly so, as last year they were some of the cooler pieces to obtain. Ive taken a few shots at the 2008 Peterson, but have never been successful. After seeing some of the stuff they put into Philadelphia in terms of inscriptions, I would expect them to be pretty nuts for Ultimate as well.

Comes out in december with the same configuration as 2008.


  1. I think you are right about that QB triple auto card but that Ultimate Patch is one of the best looking cards I've seen in quite awhile.

  2. Meh. Last year's Ultimate was better. Don't think I'll be dropping major loot on this product . . .

  3. Yeah, the triple patch looks amazing. So did last year's.

  4. Gotta disagree...I really don't like that triple patch card...something odd looking about that I can't put my finger on yet.

  5. Wow, this rube likes a UD product?


    Zero respect, Zero integrity.

    Remember that.

  6. Why do you continually steal pictures and headlines from Beckett and post them as your own? Integrity FAIL!

  7. How is it aboard the failboat, captain? It was posted on facebook.

    Call Out Fail for Ryan

  8. and once again ryan looks like a dumbass....and also ryan...isnt tonight the night that you and your 40 year old losers for friends play magic the gathering in your mother's basement? EPIC FAIL!!!!!

  9. What are your thoughts on the mock-ups brilliant use of Freeman's college number?

    I'm sure ultimate won't ball-out like that, but I've got a very bad feeling that they draw on previous autographs to do the mock-ups.

    Oh, you mean they're drawing on the autographs for their flagship UD Football? Oh, you mean the autographs in that set are stickers? with college numbers? in pro uniforms?

    Oh, you mean they did that in a product that was released two months after classics? Shouldn't they be held to a higher standard, considering the time difference?

    Back on point: The enshrinements is the only one that doesn't really float my boat. As someone mentioned, they all sort of look "off" but that's not a glaring issue. Peterson should have the photo-background photoshoped out. Great card though.

  10. Really like the look. Ryan is a girly man. Can't wait to meet him in Baltimore :)