Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New UD Blog Post: Buying Tiger Now

A while back, I wrote about how Tiger is THE athlete to buy, and now that he is back in force, its even more apparent. I adapted the article for UD to post on their blog, be sure to check out some of the ridiculous pieces they have available. If I had the money, I think a Tiger auto would be the first thing on my list, as I know it is an amazing centerpiece for my autograph collection. If I had lots of money to burn, I wouldnt think twice about buying one of the framed Masters pin flags that UD has for sale. Simply awesome looking.

Tiger has always been my favorite golfer, bringing flash to a game that has been lacking it since Nicklaus retired. My dad and I have actually seen Tiger and Jack play at a tournament in Minnesota a few years ago, and since then, I have always been in awe of their skill at one of the hardest games around. In his career Tiger has brought the sport to a different level, and it shows in the value of his autograph. Be sure to check out my thoughts on it.

UD Blog: The Value Of A Tiger Woods Autograph


  1. Are you serious?! "If you had the money," you'd blow it on a Tiger auto?

    Tiger doesn't even crack my top 100 of cards I would by "if I had the money."

    He's the best player of one of the most boring sports in existence. So what? I'd rather have that Allen & Ginter Bruce Lee black belt relic card than a Tiger auto. Golf sucks.

  2. Golf is fun to watch with Tiger playing, as he brings it to that boring sport. I play golf, so I guess its a little different. However, it does have a worldwide audience, and his autograph usually will go for as much as Jordan. Everyone knows Tiger, and he will be the best of all time. On top of all of that, there are so many golf collectors out there, that his price wont drop. You may have a closed mind about it, but there are a lot of people who dont.

  3. You're a 10 handicap my ass. Sure you weren't talking about Golden Tee?

  4. I will agree that the Tiger SPA is a bosshog of a card. I had 2 at one time and thought I did well selling them for $1200 each. Oh well.