Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Look: 2009 Topps Triple Threads

Ok, before I start, let me say that I know all of you know how much I despise Topps' high end offerings. After seeing the preview from Triple Threads that was PMed to me over on FCB, I am just in shock over what is actually being marketed for this product. Considering how great base topps and chrome looks, these just look ridiculously bad. Ill go card by card, because I cant express my disgust in one paragraph.

Unlike baseball, the rookie cards are the focus of the product for every NFL set, and these just look as bad as they have ever been. The combination of all sorts of shapes doesnt fit, especially with the trademark diecut windows. Its almost like every part of the design was done separately, and then all put together whichever way would fit. The player picture is tiny, just like last year, something I cannot stand. Topps has sadly decided that horribly designed swatch windows were more important than fitting the fucking player in a on the card. When you think that this card is going to be red fucking rainbow foilboard, it becomes obvious how bad these cards are going to be.

Everyone knows how stupid I think these cards are, mainly because of the confusing configuration of the words, and because there is not a reason in holy hell that this many jersey pieces need to be on a card. Also, I still cant fathom why anyone thinks a card that is this jam packed looks good, especially when two panels are needed. More rainbow foilboard later, and you have this abomination (for you Dave).

Wow, for this one they have ALL that space for a huge player picture, nice design, and cool innovation and you end up with this piece of crap. This is also one of the 1000+ 1 of 1's that are are part of Triple Threads, great. This is obviously pandering to the weak knees response you get out of the people that love this product when they pull one of these OMG RAREZ!!!! cards. One of the most obvious things about this example is how poorly the design fits the card, as I have little clue as to the reason this particular layout was used. Yet, because its a 1/1 foldout, some idiot will pay hundreds for a card like this, sad.

Overall, I just wish Topps would focus on creating a worthwhile product rather than showing us their swatch cutting chops. Then, to add insult to injury, you have huge foil stickers and one autograph (could be a non-premiere RC) per $170+ box and its all of a sudden crystal clear why I think this product is the worst on the market. Follow the golden rule of Topps and you would already be avoiding this product.

If a Topps product costs more than 100 bucks, STAY AWAY.


  1. Looks like a cheap knock off of SPX.

  2. The left part of that Bradshaw card actually looks pretty nice. Sadly, the other part with the giganto jersey piece standing alone ruins the whole thing. Can we get rid of the "hinged" book cards? They just look dumb.

  3. I actually like the Stafford. As long as they don't spell shit out, I'm ok with the different cut outs.

  4. I was thinking the same thing about the Bradshaw card.

    Knock out the Triple Threads logo and his name, get a hard signature of Bradshaw right there, and make the photo of terry a bit bigger. Bam! you've got a nice card.

    Anyways, this is awful and the stafford is painful to look at.

    Why the hell doesn't topps just put a multi-coloured swatch into one window.

    Honestly, when you look at that card -- Sticker auto, 3 single color pieces, you could attain all the pieces required to make that card for like 35 bucks and it'll drop.

    At least they're in their pro-freakin-uniforms though.

  5. I actually like the Bradshaw Transformer.

    Look! It's a card! And now . . . it's a Lint Brush!