Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why, Razor, Why?

Sometimes cuts are done very well. In previous incarnations of Legendary Cuts and some of the other sets that feature prominent cuts, you can get player pictures, player names, and a good looking cut all in one card.

Sometimes, you get this:

So, not only did you encase the cards in those ridiculous and ugly Beckett holders, but you left the PSA sticker on there? Why? I thought the whole point of this set was to feature the card itself, not some obstructing signature.

On second thought, is a PSA certification all you need to consider this real? Not that there are many fake US Supreme Court justice sigs out there, but I think its time to understand that BECAUSE there arent many, its nearly impossible to authenticate for sure.

Thats not the point though, the point is, get rid of the sticker before you "authenticate" it a second time.


  1. If I got this card I'd think I'd be confused on WTF was in my hand for about 20 minutes! Talk about overkill!

  2. Just semantics here, but technically it's not "authenticated" a 2nd time. They are just slabbed by Beckett. Still fugly either way.

  3. Yeah, they are just slabbed by Beckett. I agree that that is very ugly. I have seen some -nice- cuts from this product though (and that says something, as I hate the cut concept completely - I would rather have the original documents and whatnot).