Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 All Star Starters, Or Why The Fans Should Not Be Allowed To Vote Volume 205

American League:

C Joe Mauer - this was right.
1B Mark Texiera - Morneau has the best VORP for all AL 1Bs, was #8 for the entire league, but was third in the voting. Tex wasnt even in the top 30 for the league.
2B Dustin Pedroia - Again, Ben Zobrist was the top 2B for AL, Pedroia wasnt even on the first page of players for the stat.
SS Derek "Calm Eyes" Jeter - Jason Bartlett has a Top 5 VORP in the whole FUCKING league, but wasnt even close in voting to the most overrated player in MLB history.
3B Evan Longoria - this was right
OF Jason Bay - should be Shin Soo Choo
OF Ichiro - this was right
OF Josh Hamilton - Should be Torii Hunter. Just goes to show you what a HR Derby performance can do for fans who dont watch baseball more than one game here or there. The guy has played 35 games, hit 6 HRs, and basically has done nothing this year. Why is he an all star? Oh right, because he hit a bunch of HRs in an exhibition.

NOTE: Tim Wakefield has made it because he has 10 wins. That is fucking crap. He has an ERA at almost 5. Wins mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. What shit.

National League:

C Yadier Molina - HA! Should be McCann. Funny enough, there isnt an NL catcher in the top 60 for VORP.
1B Albert Pujols - This is a duh-level right.
2B Chase Utley - This is right
SS Hanley Ramirez - This is right
3B David Wright - should be Pablo Sandoval, who oddly did not get the nod AT ALL. Final vote my ass.
OF Ryan Braun - this is right
OF Raul Ibanez - this is right
OF Carlos Beltran - this is right

Man, they need to stop the fan voting. Half of the AL players have been vastly outperformed by other, more statistically superior players. Its crazy.

Since this game "counts" for some fucking ridiculous reason, its important to prevent the general stupidity of the fans from entering into the equation.


  1. The All-Star Game is worthless. I stopped watching in the early-90's.

  2. I agree, however, its the one all star game that people actually play hard for. In that respect, its fun to watch. However, the players are never right because people are stupid.

  3. Shin Soo Choo??? I'm an Indians fan and say no way. Maybe Carl Crawford but not Choo. I also agree that Jeter is hugely overrated but you can make the argument this year. Same goes or Pedroia.

  4. Per the stats, Choo should be there.

  5. Yeah, it is a joke... I'm biased in thinking Wright is a good choice but, eesh. Pujols is a given, Longoria is a given, Mauer is a given, Ichiro is a given, but otherwise? Huzzwah? Jeter is the worst SS... What is he, grandfathered in?

  6. If you really want to have the best statistical players in the game, then that should be the argument and there shouldn't be a vote period (not by fans, press, mlb personal. Been reading your blog for a minute and you just like to get loud and angry like a child.

  7. Jeter haaaaaaaaaaters. hahahahaha..You guys can't be serious. If he was any other team nobody would care. Laughable. Just make sure you tune in when he is a 1st ballot HOF'er you crybabies ;)


  8. Of course he will be first ballot, thats not even a question.

  9. Why are you just basing your assessment on one stat? VORP, while it does mean something, it doesn't mean everything.

  10. This is true, but in my opinion, it best fits what I am defining in what makes an all star. Plus, despite it only being one stat, many of the people also share top billing in terms of the other stats like win shares and EqA.