Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still No Progress On 1st Round Pick Signings

What the fuck?

Thats all I have to say right now.

As of right this second, there hasnt been any type of movement in the signings of just about every fucking draft pick on the board. Although the second round picks are finally inking those contracts, Stafford, Sanchez and Mack seem to be the only ones who will sign before training camp begins.

I have one question for the rookies, and its basically why they are waiting to the last possible minute to sign? Most of the time, if you hold out, you are at a disadvantage for the first season of your career and possibly longer. That means less money in the future, which makes me wonder if they are so greedy in the short term that they arent thinking about the long term.

Seriously, some stuff gets worse by the day, for example, Crabby Crabtree and his quest for top 3 money. Even though he WASNT top 3, he wants the money, thus forcing Hey-Bey's people to wait, and of course forcing all the others to wait on everyone before them. Fuck, Maclin cant even negotiate a first year salary due to the 25% rule, so why cant they just hammer it out?

If this is going to be a year without any rookies in camp, there is going to be a tough decision for many teams on approaching contracts with the same ideas as before, or adapting to fit new demands. I sincerely hope that they teach these idiots and their agents a lesson, force them to sign under normal terms instead of caving. That means that if Freeman wants to hold out and ruin his first season, let him. It will be a lesson that you dont bite the hand that feeds you. Its going to be better if he sits anyways, so force his hand. See how far they will let the prospect of a starting job inflate the dollar signs in his Agent's eyes. Also, I think its more beneficial to approach things the way the Eagles did rather than starting at the top and working down. Maybe thats what the Bucs should do.

Meanwhile, my two favorite background guys have signed, Laurinaitis with the Rams for four years, and Loadholt with the Vikings for an undisclosed contract. I hope both of them have good seasons.

To keep up with things, here is a good link for RC contract updates.


  1. Brings up an interesting thought: Do these teams really need these rookies that bad? Nobody in particular stands out. Almost like the NBA, with the exception of a couple of teams who really needs their draft picks?

  2. I think i remember reading on Pro Football Talk that a large number of players drafted in the first round is represented by a single group of agents, in the same agent organization, so they have a conflict of interest when it comes having having one of their lower picks signing before their higher picked players.

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  4. Wheels, I thought he was rd. 2.