Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Bad Of A Sticker Dump Is 2009 Topps Football?

Yesterday I talked about that 2009 Topps Football was one of the best looking Base Topps products they have done in a long time. I also said that you should wait before you buy, because of how far the product price will drop over the course of the season. Dont believe me? Check this picture out:

That was from a couple of cases at six boxes a case. That means that he averaged an Earl Bennett autograph every other box, and that most likely he had a few boxes that contained both Bennett and either Avant or Hester.

I know that the lower Groups of autos have pretty much per box odds, but to get the same guys box after box after box must be frustrating. This person busted two cases and did not pull one RPA, but he did pull so many bad autos that there is no way he could ever make his money back.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, as people have been reporting awful collation in their cases. Maybe later cases have better autos, but its becoming obvious that most of these cards were created to dump the thousands of stickers from awful players in their vault. Magic was similar in the dump, and I am guessing that Triple Threads (barf) wont be much better.

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