Friday, July 10, 2009

Some People Are Too Stupid For Words...

Every once in a while you see something on eBay and you just know the story behind it without even reading what happened. Most of those times, you can see the stupidity shining through like a beacon, especially when it’s a card like this one:

Here is the story of the card, as told by me.

One day, Senor Jose Collectadora was on ebay and saw some SICK MOJO CARDZ!!! posted for his favorite player Tony Romo. He immediately hit the 19.99 buy it now because he knew he was getting a MAJOR STEAL!!!!! on a Romo NFL logo patch 1/1 that usually sells for hundreds. When he got it, he picked it up only by the edges because he knew he had to send it in for grading and didn’t want it to be messed up in any way. Fingerprints are BAAAAADDD. Of course, before he sent it in, he made sure to check his bible to see the book value for when he posts it on the message boards for his "daily steelz thread!!!!!!!!!!!"

Upon seeing that 1/1s were "too scarce to price" he began to think he had more SICK MOJO than he thought he had before! This could be a card worth thousands of dollars! He posts his steal on the board, and people laugh him off the page. When he sees the laughs, he starts to see a little bit of the stupidity behind his purchase. He pulls up the auction and sees that in the description, its listed as a custom card and is not real in any way. Jose doesn’t care, and posts it on eBay thinking that he can get someone else to fall for the plan. I mean, he cant stand being made fun of, and this is the way to make him feel better.

Nice job Jose, some day you will get exactly what you deserve. Fucking idiot.

H/T Joseph


  1. " And a lot more great to come" That's my favorite line. Ebay doesn't give a flying shi* about these. The same bidder bids $1.00 then $150 LMFAO. And the response of "well someone else had it and it was signed in person" and now they are custom cards is getting a lot of mileage. I'm not sure if I even want to buy any Auto's or GU'S off of Ebay and I know I won't be buying any over $25 Grant

  2. hey gellman....i thought that they never numbered these autos...or am i goin crazy?

    i figured you would know as the resident viking fan...the auto looks real....but i swear they never numbered them.....