Friday, July 10, 2009

BA-WHA? Mauer In the Home Run Derby??

Per, Mauer is going to be one of the AL's representatives for this year's home run derby. Personally, I think any extra screen time for Mauer is a plus, especially for all the stuff I have from him. I know he isnt going to be Josh Hamilton, but he could do pretty well with a swing "as pure as the morning dew."

Either way, the derby is a fun spectacle to watch, and it should be fun to cheer on the second Twin to participate in the derby in the last few years. Morneau beat out a gassed Hamilton last year, despite the showing put on by everyone's new favorite player, so I assume that stamina is the biggest part of success in the derby. Who knows.

I guess the only thing this could do would be to help Mauer's stock, and thats always a good thing.



  1. there gos his swing, there goes .400.. there's Joe, later on, sitting on the DL...

  2. or screws his swing up and he has a terrible second half

  3. Bobby Abreu please stand up.
    Mauer in the derby who is next Johnny Damon hAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. eh. Mauer is overrated. Yeah I said it.

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  6. as long as he doesnt screw up his swing like hamilton last year he should be fine...also know those rookie retro autos from 2008 sp authentic last year? I got one of fran tarkenton at a card show today.....maybe panini should take note as to how to make a football card....