Sunday, June 7, 2009

A TTM Experiment

Most of the time, when you have a TTM auto to get, its of a guy who is retired, generally unknown, or not a superstar. Rookies can also work well, as many of them have not generated a WIDE national audience, even if they are a top pick. The reason for this is that TTM autos have become a huge enough part of the hobby that most big superstars dont sign anymore. With the rookies, its up in the air still, especially before the season.

Based on this fact, I decided it was worth a try to get some TTMs out to some RCs from a recent pack I pulled. I also want to get Percy Harvin and Phil Loadholt, the two Vikings DPs on a card, so they are going out two. All in all there are four. Two are top valued picks, and two are lower levels.

I will keep you guys updated if I get the cards back, hopefully I have some successes to report. The four are Harvin, Loadhold, Moreno and Laurinitis, the last two pulled from my one pack of draft I bought today while getting supplies. Here are my other TTMs from this past year:

- Kareem Abdul Jabar - 1/1 sent and rec'd
- Jared Allen 1/1 sent and rec'd
- Joe Mauer - 0/1 sent, no success
- Joe Montana - 0/2 sent, ghost signed
- Shooter Hunt - 1/1 sent and rec'd (Thanks Bad Wax!)

So, as you can see, my Kareem was definitely a huge success, but the other big names came back empty as expected. The two lesser guys, Allen and Hunt were successes, we will see on the other four.

I know Mike at Bad Wax has had amazing success with his TTMs, but he also sends many more than I do. Maybe I will need to get some tips from him.


  1. This was my biggest success. I think you could call Orel Hershiser a superstar in his day.

    Granted it's no Kareem Abdul Jabar, but I was proud of it.

    There are a few current Braves I've been thinking about trying, most notably Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar, and I've thought about giving Chipper Jones a shot, but I know that one would probably never come back.

  2. ok so I have figured out that TTM means through the mail, but how do you get these autos? by personally mailing stuff to the people asking for autos? sorry haha just a little confused

  3. Do send the card in a top-loader a penny sleeve or just send the card naked and hope it doesn't get too beat up?

  4. I got Mauer a week after he signed when he was in Elizabethton. I heard he sopped signing TTM shortly after. What I don't understand is guys like David Price, Tim Beckham, Pedro Alverez and Eric Hosmer have been no successes for me and there is no reason for that.

    I send them naked :)