Friday, June 5, 2009

Fake Buybacks Are Just As Bad Right Now

In the wake of all this sticker fake mania, I have kind of left out all the different other fakes these fuckers are selling. One of the more prominent and easier scams to run is the "Buyback" fake, because technically, any card can be signed and considered for the job. All you do is start signing cards, get some holograms (or not), and you have a buyback. You dont even need language on the back or anything to signify that its more than just a signed card bought and resigned by the company. Look at Bowman Orignials, the whole product is made up of buybacks.

Still, the scam rules still apply:

1)If its too good to be true, it usually is
2)Private auctions are always bad
3)Watch the seller and their other items for sale
4)Research your sets so you dont get taken
5)If price is low, its low for a reason

Here are a few examples:

Fake Tiger Woods SP Authentic Buyback - Totally a fake, not even a question.
Fake Albert Pujols Bowman Buyback - Another No Doubter
Fake Alex Rodriguez Play Ball Buyback - Seller calls this card into question
Fake Alex Rodriguez Bowman Heritage Buyback - Just funny its so bad.

When it comes down to it, dont mess with buybacks unless you are sure. Most if not all UD buybacks come with a certificate, and you can always look up the UD cert number. Despite all these sellers saying they bought it from a friend, or it was pack pulled, they are just trying to scam you. No reason to take a chance.


  1. lol the pujols even has a fascimile on it for them to use as a guide and they make it that bad......

  2. It's getting to a point where it's not even worth taking a chance on anything from EBAY ( let alone striaght up buying boxes) anymore. which is sad for those of us who can't afford to Buy FCKNG cases of products. This was fun when I got back into the hobby last year. With the redemtion nightmares, Break scams, fake cards, crap products and becketts relentless scam ( incredible hits ) box breaks done by mentally challenged staff I'm rethinking anything new. Thanks for all the heads up Gellman It's appreciated! But it's also so damn discouraging, but the thuth hurts I guess. Grant

  3. This is part of the reason why I left sports cards and went back to my non-sports set roots. Anymore you're seeing people trying to rip people off with fake autos, patches, and misleading information/descriptions. I won't say the non-sports arena is untouched by this stuff, I know it isn't. Between this, however, and the completely uninspiring releases, designs, and other crap (i.e. Beckett, devaluation of inserts, etc), I was simply chased out of sports. That isn't a bad thing! Hopefully things will change. Until then, I'll be a grumpy old codger yelling about his lawn and trying to put together some vintage sets, like 1962 Mars Attacks! :)

  4. "User ID kept private" is a red flag. I rarely buy from a seller that uses this.