Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spoilers on Donini's "Big" Announcement

Yesterday, Donini said they had a big announcement to make via facebook, and I have gotten some information that it is to announce some NBA exclusive contracts from tomorrow's draft. Blake Griffin will be one of these people, which begs the question of why the fuck are they making such a big deal out of this WHEN THEY OWN THE EXCLUSIVE LICENSE? More importantly, without LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant, should they be wasting money on exclusive contracts when they should be figuring out how to overcome the obsticles that Topps faced when producing their basketball cards.

I am guessing that UD made no attempt to gain exclusivity with the top draft picks from this year's class, and that Donini was probably negotiating against themselves. This will mean that there will be a few things they have grossly overpaid for, instead of just one. Im guessing that they already lost many fans when UD leaves, as they are the only ones who produce cards of three of the only people who are worth anything in Basketball. Seriously, all UD has to do is put out a product with Bryant, Jordan and LeBron, and it will automatically sell more than any Donini product rookies or no rookies, team logos or no team logos.

I think its fucking hilarious that Donini thinks this announcement is worth a press conference from NYC the day before the draft, especially now that their products have about as much clout as Topps Opening Day. In fact, maybe Topps and Donini should have a sit down to discuss the level in which the basketball products will fail. Shall we talk about Eschelon, Lettermen, and Triple Threads? They definitely did not live up anywhere close to their price.


  1. topps signature definetly watered down the autos too much. autos /1999 wtf?

  2. Gellman..what about the other trading card companies making unliscenced Basketball products? With an exclusive contract, it prevents UD from getting any autographed items; they may decide to put in autograph redemptions of memorabilia of Blake Griffin in their products, or various other things without using NBA logos.

  3. It wont make a difference. Not without the big three.

  4. Pretty sure NBA's collective bargaining agreement nules players exclusive memorabilia/autograph contracts if the NBA gives a exclusive for the whole league.