Friday, June 19, 2009

SCU Fantasy Football 2009 (FILLED)

Last year fantasy football was fun, especially during the stretch when things got really competitive. Our champion from last year, Abnsyper, and a few others said they were waiting for the Fantasy Football announcement, so here it is. If you want in, you can have in. All you have to do is email me via the link above, and I will email you the league's password. There are 10 teams, so this will fill up fast, be sure to email me as quickly as possible. Only the first emailers will get in.

STIPULATION 1: Since the league was prone to people joining and being inactive last year, there will be a 10.50 deposit for your spot. If you stay active, you will get everything back, minus paypal fees at the end of the season, unless we decide as a league to use it for a prize.

STIPULATION 2: If you have no idea about a good strategy for fantasy football, please do not join this league. I do not want someone coming in and drafting their team full of Seattle Seahawks because they are from Seattle. This is a man's league and we play for pride.

PRIZE: Ill find some way to get someone to sponsor a box of cards or two for the winner. If I end up winning, we can hold a drawing or something for it. Hell, I might just buy one straight out and offer it myself, unless you guys want the 10.50 deposit to go towards a box.

The league page can be viewed at:

You will need a password to join.

Send your requests to BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS AS WELL. I will use it to get your deposit request to you.

1. Gellman
2. Snyper (champ)
3. Thomas W
4. Suki7474
5. Voluntarheel
6. Wheeler
7. Bailey Z
8. Jason H
9. Matt M.
10. Matt F.

Thats it. I may do league 2, but not sure yet. Deposit requests will go out soon.


  1. If anyone drops out i want in.

  2. Should have a league where we all throw in $50 and the winner gets a box of Exquisite (or NT). Just a thought.