Friday, June 19, 2009

Do They Really Think We Are THAT Stupid?

Mario posted some more images from Triple Threads to "convince" us that this will be an amazing product. When I first gazed upon the "glory," every single bone in my body lurched with a burning urge to barf through my eyes. Thanks to these wonderful new images, I am now convinced that this will be the worst product of 2009, that is, until Topps Sterling comes out.

Here is more proof of how ugly triple threads will be. Imagine this card on bright red rainbow foilboard, exactly the way it will come.

First, try to read what it says, second try to find out which player its for, third, try to find the player among the "relics" plastered across this card. Its really fucking scary to think that people love this shit as much as Donini loves Beckett.

Wait, you still arent convinced?

Okay, burn your eyes out with this:

What the fuck? Is this Topps Triple Threads of the Knights of the Round Table? Again, im not sure why people think that spelling out David Ortiz's former last name in diecut shields is attractive. I know when I think about a cool card, I want a card featuring a shrunken picture of the player in order to stuff five die cut windows and a huge foil sticker onto the card. Oh, great, Im so glad they got a small banner in there with the player's name on it.

I sincerely hope that none of you out there are going to be buying any of this.


  1. Calm down, Adam... breathe.

    It's just cards.

  2. Its actually fun to hate Triple Threads this much. Im having a blast.

  3. Looks great

    Cant wait for it to come out