Thursday, June 4, 2009

I LOLed.

This was great from the Beckett douches: "We’re not going to tell you what we had to do to get it, but we’ve managed to procure a box of 2009 Donruss Elite Football almost a full week before its official release date." Im guessing it went a little something like this:

Donini Brand Manager: Hello you got the big guy, talk.
Hackler: Hey baby, how YOU doin?
DBM: Oh, hi, didn’t realize it was you! Im doing great!
Hacker: So, I was wondering if I could come over later, grab a few boxes of Elite, and maybe help you "relax."
DBM: God, I love when you do that. Id give you a case for your talents.
Hackler: I only have eyes for you Donini, ill be over later, light some candles.
DBM: Oh, almost forgot. Remember the deal. You LOVE this product, and we continue to help you scoop the misinformed cesspools.
Hackler: Wont be a problem.

Well, since Donini loves Beckett like a fat kid love cake, they got a box of Prestige Chrome a full week ahead of time. They may not have pulled anything, as this was obviously NOT a hand seeded product, but you can bet this solidifies that I am going to have a very hard time supporting Donini products this year. Either way, it shouldn’t be too hard if the cards look as shitty as they did in this video.

You can already see the poorly constructed cards with the Maroney being ass backwards with a swatch in no man's land. Plus, the weird ghost starburst looked ridicu-stupid on the base cards, im not sure who thought that looked good. So far, Ill be passing on this product faster than Donini can say "I heart Beckett."


  1. haha. I cant wait till next week, my local hobby shop is having a case break of elite. I only got one spot but the spots were 40$. Should be fun there is gonna be drawings for extra prizes and what not but I couldnt get the owner of the shop to tell me what they were bc he wanted them to be a surprise haha cant wait

  2. Haha! That is a great dialog, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if what you're alluding to actually "went down"...