Monday, June 8, 2009

Beckett and Donini: As If There Was Any Question Anymore

Thank you to reader Greg for sending this in care of the Beckett idiots.

I am not going to plug anything for them, but I want to point out a few things that are very VERY important to collectors who question any relationship between Panini and Beckett. Its getting to the point now where they are sharing lollipops and walking around with their hands in each other's back pockets. Im really hoping that people respond as wretchedly as I did.

For their upcoming "Screw The Hobby and The Collectors" event:

You can …
– Meet James Spence, the JSA staff, Beckett Media and Panini representatives.
SCU: So, now Beckett and Panini are doing events together? Sickening.

– Increase the value of your memorabilia by assuring its authenticity.
SCU: Third party authentication does not "assure authenticity," especially when it is done on site.

– Have your items authenticated and appraised by the best in the industry.
SCU: PSA has better authentication than JSA if you HAVE to do it. I don’t even need to point that out, everyone knows. As for the appraisal, I have no idea why people would have confidence in any appraisal from someone that values cards the way Beckett does.

– Get on-site encapsulation and grading performed by Beckett Grading Services and receive your item back the same day submitted.
SCU: Another scam, perpetrated by people who only want your money. Fuck, they NEED your money.

– Attend free seminars and Q&A sessions from BGS, JSA, and Panini representatives.
SCU: I would pay someone to go and ask why Beckett thinks it’s not a conflict of interest to partner with a company whose value and sales are helped/hurt by the price guide.

– Win free stuff from Panini and Beckett Media.
SCU: Swag is good enough reason to go and perform the above request.

– Participate in a Card Grading Contest. How accurately can you grade
under BGS/BVG standards?
SCU: Im guessing since its all arbitrary and subjective, you can be AS GOOD as the "professionals!"

– Meet Beckett Select Auction staff for free evaluation of your high-end sports collectibles.
SCU: See above with the appraisals. "So, my Marty Cordova authenticated JSA jersey is worth 400 bucks according to you? Awesome, now find me a buyer at that price."

Please, please, please, someone in texas please go to this event to fuck shit up. I would laugh hysterically and offer you plugs galore for whatever you want. I don’t think there could be a better event for SCU readers, especially with all the wonderful appraisals they will give you. Hell, go get your card graded by the "best in the business." Hahahaha.


  1. If I lived in Dallas, I'd do it. I'm in Austin, though, and that's a 4 hour trip. The only reason I'd make it is if Scott Prusha let me tour Panini HQ. Or Beckett HQ for that matter. That'd make a hell of a story.

  2. Long time reader, rare commenter. Fuck Beckett. They banned me from their website because I posted the name of another card trading forum and suggested Beckett embrace

    I cancelled my OPG and am now an ebay pricer.

  3. Marty Cordova.

    Man, I remember back in the old Tiger Stadium in 96, he came in for a series and I sat out in left for all three games, first row up from the field. I razzed him CONSTANTLY, chanted his name, the whole nine. Near the end of the last inning of the last game, just as he was about to run in, I said "alright, well, seeya in Cooperstown, dipshit!" and he turned around laughing and took his hat off and waved it to me.

    I know it was to me because it was 1996 - NOBODY ELSE went to Tiger games, and I was the only one in that section.

    I became a fan of his from then on. Good times.

  4. *looks at the box in the mail from Panini America* *goes WTF* *Notes it says Houston CHRONICLE, not Houston Collector, but has the correct name / address* *emails / Calls Panini to make sure it's his*

    Playing devil's advocate here, but maybe they're starting to shy away from Beckett-only. It's a valid thought, so don't bash until I find out what's going on.