Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SPA Pack Results and a Group Break Pimp

Hey everyone, I have been meaning to do this for a day now, but here is the official post to comment letting us know the results of your random packs if you got them. So far 3 people have commented their results in the original post and there should be 1 auto (usually a rookie auto or chirography of a vet) and the 1 material card auto (rookie patch auto or numbers auto, etc.) out there for sure. ***UPDATE: MATERIAL AUTO WAS OPENED BY GROAT....and it was a "bummer"***

voluntarheel = base
bobby = base
thomas = base
psad21 = base
whitesoxcat = base
darkship = base
groat = Marc Bulger Retro Rookie Auto/Jersey (see comments for link)

Also, one of the people who may possibly like to continue the monthly box buster's club after I am done next month is I Am Joe Collector. Currently he is doing sign-ups on his blog for a case (10 tins) of 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football (and also baseball). It is at a good price ($18.50) and could yield some sweet cards, so go check it out here and sign-up.


  1. My pack was all base as well.

  2. signed up for joe collectors break, thanks for mentioning it. Hope I dont get the raiders and get anouther Micheal Bush helmet sweet spot auto! last tin I opened had that card BACK TO BACK one numbered to 75 and the other to like 799...emailed UD and they said there was nothing they could do...

  3. not to mention Micheal Bush has a butt ugly sig

  4. I got a Marc Bulger Retro Rookie Auto/Jersey card /75. Interestingly enough, because it's thinner than the rookie auto patches, there were two extra base cards in the pack as well.


  5. Boooo. Bulger infected this break. However, I think it is only fair that Groat random off those 2 extra base cards. Just sayin.

  6. Hey, if you want my extra base you can have them. I opened up a box of SPA a couple months ago and there was 110% of the base set in the one box. I've already got my base set in a binder, so I've got extras of several players. Same thing goes for 08 R&S base. I've also got plenty of extra base 09 Legends Hockey, 08 Topps and UD Baseball series 1.

  7. I was just messin with ya Groat.

  8. Maybe Bulger gave UD a buy 10 autos get 5 free promotion... (I could just leave it but I won't) because he sucks. Whatever happened to that Kurt Warner guy anyway?

  9. Stephen Jackson should play QB and RB.