Monday, April 13, 2009

I Heart Ebay Idiots and Idiots In General

Oh my god, Wheeler, thank you for sending this to me.

So, lets get you the run down on this auction:

Graded 1/1 - Check
Graded NFL Shield Card - Check
Non-gem grade - Check
Complete and Utter Idiot - Check
Population report published in the auction - WTF?

Not only do you have a guy who has ridiculously graded his NFL shield Felix Jones card from NT, but he has also published a population report in his auction. Why? If the card is a 1/1 is there really a need to show where all the cards have fallen? No, as there is only one. Duh. See, the practice of grading cards like this is fucking stupid to begin with, but to show the bidders where it stands among its non-existant counterparts is borderline mentally disabled.

Again, what will grading this card serve? Nothing. Also, what will adding the pop report to the auction serve? Nothing, but it will show that you are a clueless douche. Congrats my nizzle, you are one with the brain.


  1. I know what the idea is, that it will come back with a high grade and thereby add a little more prestige (and hopefully $$$) to the card. Still, as I know you've stated before, these cards are rarely minty out of pack. The population report is just FAIL icing on a bad idea cake.

    My biggest problem: When you slab that kind of card, you're ruining it in another way, and in the most important way to the kind of collector I am. If I wanted to buy the card, it's partly because I'm gonna want to touch that patch whenever I look at it (regardless of whether it's merely event-worn).

  2. Im like you and I would much rather enjoy the card than have it forever damned to a life inside one of those ridiculous holders.

    I just cant understand why people think its a good idea, and dont come on here and tell me its for protection. Bull.

  3. Right. The holder itself is aggressively unattractive and adds nothing to eye-appeal, that's for sure. I think protection is the furthest thing from people's minds, since people can spend less than $2 on a loader, mag-holder, or screw-down, and then team-bag it and never take it out.

    Hell, Beckett comes right out on their grading page and places "Increases Value" above any of their other reasons to do it. Everyone knows what's going on here.



  5. not sure why he did a population report but i dont disagree w/ grading it ... ive personally paid for high end cards that were not in very good condition and i was mad ... would i pay anymore for a graded 1/1 no probably not but i would feel much more confident in my bid

  6. A few weeks ago BGS was running a $0.10 special on all modern cards graded. I think a bunch of idiots took advantage of it and sent all their modern cards in. Now they're selling them on Ebay. I would be MORE likely to buy that card without that ugly holder. More importantly, it takes a f@#king blowtorch to get those BGS holders open. I hate BGS graded cards.

    Beelzebub69 -