Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hockey Showing Em Who's Boss: Crosby Logo at 16,000

Many of us are wondering what would have been if Tom Brady or Peyton Manning had logo cards when they were rookies. What about LT? How about Albert Pujols or Michael Jordan? What would those be worth? A lot.

Well, for hockey fans, Sidney Crosby, one of the top money grabbers in the hobby does have a logo rookie card, and it is on eBay right now with more than 6 days to go. Price? Over $16,000 with 42 bids. So, its either a Honda Accord or this card, and there is still a lot of time left.

I have long mentioned the 10K cap on modern cards, and how tough it is to break that mark, but this card crossed that line and crapped on it. Personally, I dont really like the look of this card, but it is one of THE Crosby cards to own if you have the bank, or for that matter, own the bank. His RC card from the Cup sells for thousands, and that is pretty crazy by itself, but 16K+ for something like this is shocking.