Saturday, April 4, 2009

Donruss Becomes The Official Card Of The NFL Draft

Whatever the hell that means. Either way, here is the official statement:

Officials at Panini America have reached an agreement with the NFL to become the "Official Trading Card of the 2009 NFL Draft." This year's event will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York, April 25th and 26th. Through the sponsorship agreement, Panini America will have access to photography from the event, as well as officially licensed NFL Draft memorabilia worn by the players.

"Rookie cards are key to the success of our trading card programs," said Panini America Vice President of Sales & Marketing Mike Anderson. "The relationship allows us to be the first trading card company to have access to the top picks. The growing popularity of NFL Draft day is incredible exposure for trading cards and our company."

The agreement will give Panini America the NFL jerseys and hats the players wear after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell calls their name. These unique items will be incorporated into future trading card programs.

"We felt the memorabilia from this events would be a great way to enhance our programs throughout 2009," adds Anderson. "These jerseys and hats are special, they are the first time the rookies get to wear their new colors - so its going to create some some very unique collectibles."

Officials from Panini America will also be on-hand producing and distributing cards of the top picks (with their new teams) as their names are called.

Umm, so they want draft worn hat cards? Huh? So you give them a hat, they put it on, and take it off? This is totally lame. I already do my best to avoid event used jersey cards without autos, I will avoid these like the plague.

h/t Groat


  1. I think the idea is novel, but the wording is awful. Those pieces are unique but not the biggest deal in the world like Panini says.

  2. Does this change any of the draft related releases? If not, Donruss/bad sandwich just paid for a few hat hits? What?

  3. Isn't Bowman already doing this with basketball on their prospects draft day relics and relic auto combos's? At least that what I thought my bayless draft day relic auto combo was? Grant