Wednesday, April 22, 2009

07 NT 2 Box Break- Slot Assignments


After I get home tonight from a meeting, I will be taping the slot randomization. I will input the names to just as listed below and then random the list (3) times. The number slot each name ends up with is the "hit" slot that they will receive. Wheeler was only in if it ended up being a case break and so I will be paying for those two slots and taking them. If anyone wants to trade slots that can be done after tonight until Friday at 5 p.m. Boxes arrive Friday and I will be recording the break and posting it to youtube and here along with scans later in the evening (somewhere around 10 p.m. central time it should be up). Best of luck to everyone tonight.

1. Holy Hitter (paid)
2. Holy Hitter (paid)
3. voluntarheel (paid)
4. voluntarheel (paid)
5. rcarr (paid)
6. cardman312 (paid)
7. Holy Hitter (paid)
8. Holy Hitter (paid)
9. bobby (paid)
10. bobby (paid)
11. whitesoxcat (paid)
12. whitesoxcat (paid)


  1. Bobby-

    The way the random worked out I don't think it is fair that I ended up with 3 more than likely auto slots and you ended up with more than likely 2 "material" slots and no autos.

    So I will let you trade with me one of your slots (1 or 9) for one of my more than likely auto slots (4, 6, or 12).

    Just let me know. If you get an AP though I will be devastated....

  2. sure thats fine with me - 6 or 12 works, your choice, i appreciate it. and i promise if an AP hits ill be happy to give you first shot at it :)

  3. Bobby-

    Which slot do you want to give up (1 or 9) and I will give up #6 (How about with the stipulation that if it is AP then you get #12?.....)?

  4. Ok lets say 9 for 6, but if 6 is AP 9 reverts to me and I keep 12. So thay would end up being either be 1-6 for me, 9-12 for you or AP for you and 1, 9, 12 for me.

  5. Bobby-

    Sounds good with just one caveat. If by chance we beat the astronomical odds of getting 2 APs (at 6 and 12) you would get 1-12 and I would keep the 9 from the original trade. However, those odds are astronomical so I don't think it will be an issue.

    So the breakdown is

    You: 1, 6 (unless AP then 1, 9, 12 unless 12 AP too then 1,12)

  6. Have never broken a box of NT. Do the hits usually come out one way or another? Eg, slot 8 is always a material, etc?

  7. I am confused. Allen Patrick isn't even in '07 Treasures.


    seriously though, that's really cool hitter.

  8. Cardman312-

    For the most part the boxes are collated the same. Usually Hits 1-3 of the box are material and hits 4-6 are autos (specifically 6 is usually the Rookie Material Auto). However, I have witnessed boxes that have been different. I have seen boxes where the 2nd card was an auto and I have seen boxes where the 3rd card is an auto (in both those instances there were 4 autos in the box).

    Odds are slot #8 is a "relic" or "material" card but it also could be an auto relic, etc. (I'd say it is 90% Material, 10% Material and Auto).

  9. voluntarheel-

    Are you serious? Allen Patrick isn't in here? Well crap. Guess I will have to go with it being Adrian Peterson.

    I am hoping we hit the motherload and get some sweet veteran cards. I want to see a Montana, Rice, Sanders, Marino, Elway, or Smith auto (or a sweet cut auto would be cool too).